Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Live Jazz Band Experience

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is known for its superb music, with jazz-inspired tracks that have players bopping their heads along while racing. However, a unique twist to experiencing this music has emerged in Oklahoma City. Mario Kart 8 Live, a five-piece band, has been hosting tournaments featuring live music to simulate the sound effects and backing tracks of the game. The band is diligently learning every track from the game to provide an immersive experience for participants.

Live Music and Mario Kart Tournaments

The Mario Kart 8 Live band has made it possible for players to enjoy the game with live jazz music, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. Tournament participants can race through the Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup, Special Cup, Shell Cup, Banana Cup, Leaf Cup, and Lightning Cup while being accompanied by the band’s music. Four Pro Controllers are supplied during the tournaments, ensuring a seamless gameplay experience.

For those interested in joining the fun, Mario Kart 8 Live is hosting an all-ages event on 30 March, 2024. Drummer Ethan Neel, a member of the band, expressed excitement about providing live music for the latest game in the franchise. He believes that this may be the first instance in the US of a live band accompanying the newest version of Mario Kart. According to Neel, pairing live jazz music with Mario Kart seemed like a natural fit, considering the iconic nature of the game’s music and the universal appeal of Mario Kart.

While the Mario Kart 8 Live events are currently limited to Oklahoma City, the concept of combining live jazz music with gaming is a promising and innovative idea. The band’s effort to create a memorable and unique experience for players is commendable, showcasing their dedication to bringing something fresh to the gaming community. Although traveling to Oklahoma City may not be feasible for everyone, the creativity and passion behind Mario Kart 8 Live’s events are undeniable.


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