Mastering the Helldivers 2 Patriot Exosuit: Tips and Tricks

To acquire the powerful Patriot Exosuit in Helldivers 2, players must first participate in the community-wide effort to liberate Tien Kwan. Once this goal is achieved, all players can unlock the Patriot Exosuit Stratagem by meeting the necessary requirements. The Stratagem costs 20,000 Requisition Slips and players must be at least level 25 to unlock it.

The Patriot Exosuit mech in Helldivers 2 offers a combination of firepower and protection, boasting a heavy machine gun, rocket launcher, and sturdy armor. However, despite its impressive abilities, the mech comes with certain limitations that players should be aware of.

Key Features and Strategies

– **Limited Ammo**: The Patriot Exosuit has a small ammo pool, with 1,000 rounds for the machine gun and only 14 rockets for the rocket launcher. Players need to make each shot count and avoid wastage to maximize the effectiveness of the mech.
– **Durability**: The Patriot is heavily armored and durable, allowing players to withstand a significant amount of damage. Even when ammo runs out, players can continue to use the mech for cover before deciding to abandon it strategically.
– **Heavy Machine Gun**: The machine gun on the Patriot Exosuit is highly effective against weaker enemies due to its high rate of fire. However, players need to be mindful of the limited ammo and use it judiciously.
– **Rocket Launcher**: The rocket launcher is a powerful weapon that can penetrate heavily armored targets and take down enemy structures. Strategic use of rockets can significantly impact the outcome of missions.
– **Movement Restrictions**: The Patriot Exosuit is slow and lacks the ability to sprint, making it crucial for players to consider the trade-off between firepower and mobility during missions.
– **No Melee Abilities**: Unlike some other mechs, the Patriot Exosuit does not have melee capabilities. Players should avoid charging at enemies and instead focus on drawing enemy fire with their armored hull.
– **No Ship Module Upgrades**: Despite belonging to the Robotics Workshop category, the Patriot Exosuit cannot be upgraded using ship modules. This limitation may change in future updates.
– **Damage Indicators**: Players should keep a close eye on the condition of the Patriot Exosuit and prepare to abandon it if signs of damage, such as black smoke, become apparent. Ignoring these warnings may result in a catastrophic explosion.
– **Dropship Support**: When calling in the Patriot Exosuit, players will receive fire support from the dropship that delivers the mech. This additional firepower can help clear the area for the mech’s deployment.

While the Patriot Exosuit is currently the only mech available in Helldivers 2, leaks and datamines have hinted at the possibility of new Exosuits with different weapon loadouts being added in the future. Similarly, the introduction of vehicles in a future update seems likely, given their significance in the first game.

Mastering the Patriot Exosuit in Helldivers 2 requires a combination of strategic thinking, resource management, and effective communication with teammates. By understanding its strengths and limitations, players can make the most of this powerful mech in their missions.


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