Metal Slug Tactics: A Fresh Take on the Classic Franchise

Metal Slug Tactics, a new turn-based strategy game based on the popular SNK sidescrolling shooter series, has made its debut with a demo available as part of Steam Next Fest. This demo offers players a chance to experience the game’s tactical combat mechanics and explore the first region of the game.

In Metal Slug Tactics, players will delve into a “roguelike tactical RPG” experience where they take control of the Peregrine Falcons squad. The game emphasizes the importance of leveling up squad members, improving weapons with perks, and making strategic decisions regarding missions and resource management. Each character has the ability to move and shoot in the same turn, utilizing a unique damage reduction modifier to enhance survivability.

One of the key combat mechanics in Metal Slug Tactics is the Sync attack, triggered when attacking an enemy within range of a friendly squad member. This mechanic allows players to maximize damage output and dominate the battlefield. By accumulating Adrenaline through actions like running, gunning, and executing Sync attacks, players can unleash powerful special abilities exclusive to each character.

True to its roots, Metal Slug Tactics features the iconic armored vehicle known as the Metal Slug. Players will have the opportunity to pilot various vehicles, each with its own unique abilities and fuel resource management mechanic. Additionally, fallen squad members can be revived using a 1up token, although reinforcements are limited and can only be replenished by completing specific objectives within the game.

Overall, Metal Slug Tactics offers a fresh take on the classic franchise by blending strategic turn-based gameplay with the beloved elements of the original series. With its demo now available on Steam Next Fest, players can immerse themselves in the tactical combat, intricate decision-making, and adrenaline-pumping action that Metal Slug Tactics has to offer. As the game continues to evolve and expand, it is sure to captivate both longtime fans of the series and newcomers looking for a unique gaming experience.


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