Metroidvania Games 2024: A Year of Bangers and Anticipation

2024 is off to a promising start for Metroidvania game enthusiasts. With the release of Ubisoft’s highly anticipated Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, players are in for a treat. This game has generated a significant amount of buzz, thanks to its technical prowess on all consoles and innovative map feature. The demo alone convinced many that this was the refresh the series needed. A review by Gamesradar described the game as “filled with intrigue, neat brain-teasing puzzles, masterful platforming, and spectacle-fueled boss battles.” Comparisons to other genre heavyweights like the Ori games and Rayman Legends only heighten the excitement for its release on January 15.

Adding to the excitement is the recent release of Momodara: Moonlit Farewell, the first game in the long-running series in eight years. Fans who endured the almost-painful waits have found the game to be worth it. Steam user reviews have been “Very Positive,” praising the sequel’s crisp movement, screen-filling combat, and the expected elements of exploration and big boss battles. For those craving a pixel-based twist in their Metroidvania fix this month, Momodara: Moonlit Farewell is currently offering a 10% introductory discount on Steam.

While the start of 2024 has already delivered two exceptional Metroidvania experiences, there is much more to look forward to throughout the year. In February, Ultros promises to captivate players with its spectacularly colorful visuals, resembling an action-platformer on magical mushrooms. Then, in April, EA Originals will enter the ring with Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, a game heavily inspired by Bantu mythology. This unique setting is bound to offer players a fresh and exciting experience.

However, the pinnacle of anticipation for Metroidvania enthusiasts has to be Hollow Knight: Silksong. Slated for release later in the year, this highly awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed Hollow Knight has fans on the edge of their seats. The original game received widespread acclaim for its atmospheric world, challenging gameplay, and immersive storytelling. With the promise of a new adventure in Silksong, fans can hardly contain their excitement.

As the year unfolds, it becomes increasingly apparent that Metroidvania games are thriving and evolving. The genre has carved out its place in the gaming industry, captivating players with its combination of exploration, platforming, and intricate map design. With the release of games like Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Momodara: Moonlit Farewell, and the upcoming titles like Ultros, Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, and Hollow Knight: Silksong, it is evident that the genre’s popularity shows no signs of waning.

2024 is shaping up to be a remarkable year for Metroidvania games. With the release of highly praised titles like Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown and Momodara: Moonlit Farewell, players are already enjoying fantastic gaming experiences. Furthermore, the anticipation for upcoming releases like Ultros, Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, and Hollow Knight: Silksong is only fueling the excitement surrounding the genre. Metroidvania enthusiasts have much to celebrate, as these games continue to push the boundaries and offer unforgettable adventures.


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