Microsoft’s Potential Multiplatform Move: What Impact Could It Have?

In recent reports, it has been suggested that Microsoft may be considering making many of its games multiplatform in the future. This move, if it does come to fruition, has sparked discussions about the potential impact it could have on the gaming industry as a whole. However, according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, such a move by Microsoft would not have a significant effect on the industry.

During a Q&A session as part of Ubisoft’s third-quarter earnings call, Guillemot was asked for his comment on the Microsoft reports and how it might affect Ubisoft’s business. While he could not officially confirm or comment on the rumors, Guillemot did state that Microsoft would make the decision that they believe is best for their company.

Guillemot went on to elaborate that, in his view, the potential multiplatform move by Microsoft would not have a substantial impact on the industry. He pointed to the example of Activision Blizzard, a company that has long released multiplatform games. Guillemot highlighted popular franchises such as Call of Duty, Diablo, and Overwatch as examples of games that have already been available on multiple platforms.

The real change, Guillemot noted, would be if potential Xbox franchises like Gears of War, Starfield, and upcoming games like Indiana Jones and the Great Circle were to be released on competing platforms. These games have traditionally been exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC.

While the specifics of Microsoft’s plans remain unknown, Microsoft Gaming CEO and Xbox head Phil Spencer has stated that a “business update” will be provided in the coming week, outlining the company’s vision for the future of Xbox. This update may shed more light on whether Microsoft intends to expand multiplatform releases for its first-party games.

During the Q&A session, Guillemot was also asked about how Ubisoft’s lineup would fare against the highly anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2025. While he did not provide specific details, Guillemot expressed confidence in Ubisoft’s ability to deliver compelling and successful games that can compete in the market.

The potential move by Microsoft to make its games multiplatform may not have a significant impact on the gaming industry, according to Ubisoft’s CEO. While it could open the door for previously exclusive Xbox games to come to other platforms, companies like Activision Blizzard have already paved the way for multiplatform releases. As Microsoft prepares to share its future vision for Xbox, gamers and industry insiders await further details on the company’s plans. In the meantime, Ubisoft remains focused on delivering quality games to compete effectively in the market, even against highly anticipated titles like Grand Theft Auto 6.


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