New Report Reveals SpaceX’s Secret Spy Satellites Contract

SpaceX’s Starshield unit has been keeping a big secret from the public eye. According to a recent report by Reuters, the company has had a classified contract with the US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) since 2021. This contract is specifically for the purpose of building a network of “hundreds” of spy satellites for the agency. The news sheds light on the mysterious $1.8 billion SpaceX contract that was previously reported by The Wall Street Journal back in February.

The report reveals that the satellites being developed by SpaceX will possess Earth-imaging capabilities and will be able to function as a swarm in low orbits. This means that the US government will soon have access to a network of advanced spy satellites that can quickly spot potential targets almost anywhere on the globe. While the exact timeline for when this network will be operational remains unknown, it is clear that SpaceX and the NRO are working towards a significant advancement in the country’s surveillance capabilities.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this news is the level of secrecy surrounding the project. The existence of these satellites has not been publicly acknowledged by either SpaceX or the government. In fact, the report mentions that there are already satellites deployed by SpaceX that have been kept under wraps. These satellites are said to be Starshield prototypes, which are part of a government-focused secure satellite network.

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, has confirmed that the Starshield network will be owned by the US government and controlled by the DoD Space Force. This raises questions about the level of oversight and accountability that will be in place once these satellites are operational. The involvement of government agencies in such a secretive project can also be seen as a cause for concern by privacy advocates.

The success of the NRO contract with SpaceX could have far-reaching implications for the US government and military. The ability to quickly identify potential targets from space can greatly enhance national security and defense capabilities. It remains to be seen how this new network of spy satellites will be utilized and what impact it will have on global surveillance practices.

The revelation of SpaceX’s secret spy satellites contract with the NRO highlights the growing intersection between technology and national security. As advancements in satellite technology continue to evolve, it is crucial for governments to strike a balance between security needs and individual privacy rights. The development of this network of spy satellites represents a significant step forward in surveillance capabilities, but also raises important questions about transparency and oversight.


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