Night Slashers: Remake Coming to Nintendo Switch

Forever Entertainment has exciting news for fans of the iconic 1994 horror beat-em-up, Night Slashers. They have officially confirmed the development of Night Slashers: Remake for the Nintendo Switch. The publisher made the announcement on Twitter, although no specific release date has been revealed yet. With this remake, fans can expect an enhanced gaming experience with new heroes, improved visuals, upgraded combat and controls, the option to switch between the original and new soundtracks, and the highly anticipated addition of four-player multiplayer functionality.

A short teaser trailer was released on Halloween last year, teasing fans with a taste of what’s to come in Night Slashers: Remake. The trailer showcases the intense action and thrilling gameplay that players can expect. The remake is being developed by Storm Trident, a subsidiary of Forever Entertainment known for their work on titles like Magical Drop VI and the Front Mission remakes.

Night Slashers: Remake offers a range of exciting new features and visual upgrades to enhance the gaming experience. Here’s what players can look forward to:

Expanded Hero Roster

In the remake, players can choose from a unique roster of heroes to assemble their team. Join forces with up to three other players and battle hordes of zombies in intense multiplayer action.

Enhanced Controls and Combat Mechanics

The developers have focused on improving controls and combat mechanics, granting players full control over their characters. Execute impressive combos, aerial attacks, and special moves to make the gameplay engaging and satisfying.

Upgraded Visual Effects

The visuals in Night Slashers: Remake have received a significant upgrade. Witness the horror unfold with blood splatters and dynamic lighting that heighten the intensity of the gameplay.

Sound and Music Perfection

Immerse yourself in the haunting atmosphere with a high-quality soundtrack. Choose between the classic OST to indulge in nostalgia or the newly-arranged music for a modern-day experience.

Character Selection Screen Overhaul

The remake features a revamped character selection screen, showcasing the heroes in a more engaging and visually striking way. Prepare to be impressed by the new presentation and make your hero selection with style.

While there is no platform confirmation yet, the trailer strongly suggests that Night Slashers: Remake will launch on Nintendo Switch. The console’s portability and multiplayer capabilities make it an ideal choice for this type of game. However, fans will have to wait for an official announcement to confirm the platforms on which the game will be released.

Forever Entertainment promises to keep fans updated on the progress of Night Slashers: Remake. Stay tuned for further announcements and specific release date details in the coming months. If you’re a fan of the original Night Slashers, get ready to experience the horror all over again with enhanced gameplay and stunning visuals in this highly-anticipated remake.


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