PSVR 2: The Potential and Shortcomings of Sony’s Virtual Reality Headset

PSVR 2, Sony’s second-generation virtual reality headset, initially launched with an impressive array of bundles that provided consumers with a variety of options. However, despite its strong start, the platform’s current offerings are somewhat underwhelming. Aside from the launch Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle, there are no additional bundles available for PSVR 2. While occasional price cuts have been observed, it is clear that Sony needs to step up its game in terms of bundle offerings and deals for its virtual reality headset. As the first anniversary of PSVR 2 approaches, there is hope that Sony has something exciting planned for its loyal customers.

Despite its lack of appealing bundles, PSVR 2 remains our top pick when it comes to the best VR headsets. It boasts impressive tech specs for its affordable price, making it an attractive option for gaming enthusiasts. Furthermore, PSVR 2 has a growing library of epic games and innovative features that enrich the overall virtual reality experience. Sony continues to prioritize support for the platform, constantly announcing new games for PSVR 2. Given Sony’s commitment to this technology, it would be surprising if we didn’t witness the introduction of more bundle offerings in the near future.

Potential Bundles and Freebies for PSVR 2

When PSVR 1 was launched, it set itself apart from the competition by offering a wide range of bundles, as well as some free software goodies like VR worlds along with the headset. We can only hope that PSVR 2 follows a similar trajectory and provides consumers with exciting bundles and software freebies. Humanity, a PS Plus monthly free game, has already shown support for PSVR 2, giving us hope that more games will join the service as the headset gains popularity. As we approach November, it is worth noting that Black Friday gaming deals often bring about significant price reductions. This could potentially lead to discounts on PSVR 2 and its related hardware, such as the DualSense Edge.

The Best Ways to Acquire PSVR 2

While waiting for more individual deals and bundle offerings, we have curated a selection of the best PSVR 2 prices using our price comparison software. In the UK, PSVR 2 is priced at £529.99, and in the US, it is priced at $549.99. Currently, the only available bundle is the Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle, which can be purchased for £569 in the UK and $599 in the US. Although no discounts or new bundles have been observed thus far, it is our hope that these offerings will emerge in due time.

PSVR 1 proved to be one of the PS4’s greatest strengths. What could have easily turned into a failed platform flourished into an exceptionally accessible VR gaming experience, supported by a steady stream of games and extensive coverage in State of Play live streams. Those interested in acquiring a PSVR 2 headset should keep an eye out for the best deals available in their respective areas. Additionally, with the arrival of PSVR2, Sony opens up opportunities for even richer virtual reality experiences.

While PSVR 2 currently faces criticisms regarding its lackluster bundles and deals, it still holds immense potential as a prominent player in the virtual reality market. With Sony’s continued support and the prospect of upcoming bundle offerings, it is an exciting time to explore the possibilities offered by PSVR 2. As technology advances and the virtual reality landscape evolves, Sony has the opportunity to solidify its position as a leader in the industry.


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