Reconsidering the Myth of Using Rice to Save Waterlogged iPhones: Apple’s Official Advice

It is a common belief that putting a waterlogged phone in a bag of uncooked rice can help draw out the moisture and save the device. However, Apple, a major player in the tech industry, advises against this method. According to Apple support documents, putting an iPhone in a bag of rice could potentially lead to small particles of rice damaging the device. This goes against the popular advice that has been circulating on the internet for years.

Apple’s Official Recommendations

Apple’s support documents specifically address what to do when you receive a liquid detection alert on your iPhone. In addition to advising against using rice, Apple also cautions against using external heat sources like hair dryers, compressed air, cotton swabs, or paper towels to remove the liquid. Instead, Apple suggests gently tapping the phone against your hand with the connector pointing down, akin to getting water out of your ear after swimming. The next step is to leave the phone in an area with good airflow to dry for at least 30 minutes before attempting to charge it. If the liquid alert persists, Apple recommends leaving the phone to dry for up to 24 hours before trying to charge it again.

Rethinking the Efficacy of Rice

For years, rice has been touted as a quick fix for waterlogged electronics. The belief is that rice, as a desiccant, would help draw out the moisture faster. However, based on Apple’s official advice, it seems that the effectiveness of rice in saving water-damaged devices is questionable. In reality, it may be the time spent powered down and away from any power source that actually helps the phone recover from water exposure, rather than the rice itself.

It is important to listen to the advice provided by tech experts like Apple when dealing with water-damaged devices. While the idea of using rice may seem like a convenient solution, the potential risk of further damaging the device with rice particles is not worth the risk. Following Apple’s recommendations for handling a wet phone, such as gently tapping out the liquid and allowing it to dry in a well-ventilated area, is a safer and more effective approach to prevent permanent damage to your device.


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