Renew Home: Merging the Power of Nest Renew and OhmConnect for a Greener Future

The energy transition is an urgent and crucial step towards a sustainable future. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the need to prioritize cleaner and more affordable energy options, innovative solutions are emerging to help individuals harness the power of connected devices. One such development is the merging of Google’s Nest Renew service and OhmConnect’s energy management platform, creating a new company known as Renew Home. With the backing of venture capitalist firm Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP), this collaboration aims to revolutionize the energy industry and establish itself as the country’s largest energy transition resource.

An Overview of Nest Renew and OhmConnect

Nest Renew, introduced in 2021, is a service designed for Google Nest Thermostat users. It empowers homeowners to optimize their HVAC systems’ energy usage, leading to significant cost savings. On the other hand, OhmConnect incentivizes consumers to reduce their energy consumption during peak times by offering monetary rewards. With over 220,000 homeowners already benefiting from OhmConnect’s smart plugs and smart thermostats, this platform has made significant strides in California, Texas, and New York City.

Recognizing the potential of combining these two cutting-edge technologies, SIP has invested $100 million into Renew Home. This collaboration provides an opportunity to harness the leadership and expertise of both companies to create a dynamic and customer-centric platform. By merging OhmConnect’s home energy management and Nest Renew’s energy products and services, Renew Home aims to accelerate the growth of virtual power plants (VPPs) and drive the transition to a carbon-free future.

Virtual Power Plants for a Dynamic Energy Grid

Renew Home and its partners aspire to establish virtual power plants as a critical component of the energy grid. Using intelligent software, VPPs can coordinate groups of smart homes to supply energy to the grid during times of high demand. This energy can be sourced from various decentralized sources, such as home solar systems, home batteries, and vehicle-to-grid charging. Additionally, VPPs can optimize energy consumption by dynamically adjusting smart thermostats and controlling connected appliances.

With SIP’s substantial investment and Google’s stake as a minority equity holder, Renew Home is poised to make a significant impact on the energy industry. The seamless transition of Nest Renew customers to the new platform ensures a continuous and improved experience. Furthermore, this collaboration has the potential to unlock the full potential of smart homes and devices, enabling them to function as powerful contributors to a cleaner and more sustainable energy grid.

Renew Home represents a milestone in the pursuit of a greener future. By merging the capabilities of Nest Renew and OhmConnect, this new company aspires to become the country’s largest energy transition resource. With a focus on virtual power plants and enhanced energy management capabilities, Renew Home will drive the adoption of affordable and eco-friendly energy solutions. As regulatory approvals are obtained, the energy industry can anticipate a seismic shift toward a more dynamic and sustainable energy grid.


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