Review of Ducky’s Limited Edition Year of the Dragon Keyboard

The limited edition Year of the Dragon keyboard from Ducky is truly a sight to behold. With only 999 units available, this keyboard stands out from the rest due to its unique keycap design. Unlike traditional keycaps, these keycaps feature a composite design with PBT legends in the center, surrounded by clear polycarbonate around the sides. The result is a floating keycap that not only adds to the keyboard’s aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Underneath each keycap lies a tactile-feel Cherry Purple key switch, which is part of Cherry’s new MX2A switches. These switches provide a satisfying typing experience with their tactile feedback and smooth actuation. Moreover, the keyboard is hot-swappable, allowing users to easily customize their typing experience by swapping out the key switches to suit their preferences.

The real highlight of this keyboard lies in its exterior design. The shell of the keyboard is crafted from a weighty block of anodized aluminum, giving it a premium look and feel. What sets this keyboard apart is the intricate dragon motif detailed on the exterior of the board. Ducky faced challenges in achieving this design, as traditional anodizing techniques could only produce one color. However, Ducky managed to overcome this limitation by employing a full-color anodizing technique that allows for different layers and patterns on a single plate. The end result is a stunning “Soaring Dragon” pattern that truly does justice to the keyboard’s theme.

While the pricing for the Year of the Dragon keyboard has not been officially confirmed by Ducky, some online listings suggest a price of $9,290 NT, which is approximately $287 USD. Given its limited edition status and exclusive design, the keyboard may only be available for purchase in select regions, particularly in Asia. If you’re a keyboard enthusiast looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your setup, the Ducky Year of the Dragon keyboard is definitely worth considering.

The Ducky Year of the Dragon keyboard is a masterpiece of design and engineering. From its unique keycaps to its exquisite exterior detailing, this keyboard sets itself apart as a true collector’s item. While the limited availability and pricing may deter some buyers, those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and attention to detail will find this keyboard to be a worthwhile investment.


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