Reviewing the Hyte Keeb TKL: A Keyboard with Blinding RGB Lighting

RGB lighting has always been a topic of debate among PC hardware enthusiasts. Some find it tasteless and visually overwhelming, while others appreciate the vibrant and eye-catching display it brings to their gaming setup. If you belong to the latter camp, then you might be interested in the latest offering from Hyte – the Keeb TKL. This keyboard not only boasts an abundance of RGB lighting but also features a unique design that sets it apart from the competition.

A Dazzling Display

The Hyte Keeb TKL stands out with its “Crystal Bubble Polycarbonate” case, allowing a 155-pixel qRGB array to emit a mesmerizing array of colors from all angles. It’s a sight to behold, and certainly not for the faint of heart. The keyboard’s design also includes two customizable magnetic rollers located at the top of the chassis. These rollers provide users with control over various functions such as volume control, media shortcuts, and tab selection. Additionally, the Keeb TKL incorporates five dedicated media keys with Hyte’s unique “Flappy Paddle” tactile low-profile blue switches.

An Unconventional Typing Experience

The Hyte Keeb TKL doesn’t only rely on its remarkable aesthetics. This keyboard features Fluffy Lavender linear switches for its main keyset, promising an unmatched typing experience with “epic thocks.” Each switch comes pre-lubed with Krytox 205g0, ensuring smooth operation and reducing friction. With an actuation force of 40 grams, an actuation distance of 1.5mm, and a bottom-out distance of 3.5mm, the Keeb TKL provides a fast and responsive typing experience. It’s important to note that lubing keeb switches might be a topic that our expert, Dave, prefers to remain silent about.

The Hyte Keeb TKL offers more than just flashy lights and unique switches. It incorporates four layers of sound dampening, a gasket-mounted 5-pin hot swappable PCB, and Hyte’s Nexus software. With this software, users can customize various aspects of the keyboard, including reactive per-key lighting, a range of animations, and the creation of storable macros. This level of customization allows enthusiasts to tailor the keyboard to their specific preferences and make it truly their own.

Attention to Detail

While the Hyte Keeb TKL may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it undeniably stands out from the competition. The keyboard’s attention to detail is commendable, from the pre-lubed switches to the distinct naming scheme. Hyte has clearly targeted a specific segment of the enthusiast keyboard market, offering a product that leaves a lasting impression. However, it remains to be seen how the keyboard performs in real-world usage.

The Hyte Keeb TKL comes with a premium price tag of $179.99, and it is expected to be priced at £199 in the UK. This places it in the realm of enthusiast pricing, catering to those who are willing to invest in a keyboard with striking RGB lighting and unique features. If you do decide to get your hands on the Keeb TKL, be prepared for a visual extravaganza. You might even want to don sunglasses to protect your eyes from its blinding RGB display and possibly invest in some ear defenders to shield yourself from the keyboard’s epic thocks.


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