Revolutionize Your Racing Experience with What the Car?

Imagine being a car with legs, a jetpack, or even wings, racing around unconventional courses to achieve the best time possible. This is the essence of What the Car? – a zany racing game that defies the norms of traditional racing games. Developed by the creators of What the Golf?, this game pushes the boundaries of creativity and absurdity in the world of racing games.

Originally an Apple Arcade exclusive, What the Car? has now set its sights on PC, bringing a plethora of eccentric features to the platform. From car-aoke sessions to fishing mini-games and even car-based cookery controlled via your keyboard, this game offers a truly unique gaming experience. Each level in What the Car? introduces new and bizarre mechanics, challenging players to adapt and overcome obstacles in unconventional ways. Whether you’re delivering packages, skiing, or jumping over a skipping rope, the game keeps you on your toes with its unexpected twists.

What the Car? is not your average racing game. In addition to the fast-paced racing action, the game also encourages exploration, treasure-hunting, and puzzle-solving on its level-select map. With hundreds of levels showcasing the developers’ talent for the weird and wonderful, players will never run out of surprises. The inclusion of a level editor further enhances the game’s appeal, allowing players to create and share their own courses with a built-in leaderboard to showcase their skills.

While the exact release date for the PC version of What the Car? remains uncertain, we can expect the game to hit Steam sometime in 2024. This means that players will soon have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the chaotic world of What the Car? and embark on a racing journey like no other. Stay tuned for updates from Triband as they continue to refine and perfect this eccentric racing game for the PC platform.

What the Car? is a game that challenges conventions and dares players to think outside the box. With its innovative gameplay mechanics, quirky features, and boundless creativity, it promises to revolutionize the racing genre. Get ready to dive into a world where cars have legs, jetpacks, and wings – and where the only limit is your imagination.


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