Reynatis: A Closer Look at the Upcoming Action-RPG

Exciting news for fans of Japanese action-RPGs! Reynatis, a game introduced by a team of Final Fantasy veterans during the recent Nintendo Partner Direct, is not limited to Japan or the Switch console. The game has been officially confirmed for a worldwide release later this year, coming to platforms such as PS5, PS4, and PC in addition to the Nintendo Switch. Whether you caught a glimpse of Reynatis during the Japanese Nintendo Direct or watched its captivating reveal trailer, it’s clear that this game is not exclusive to any particular region or console.

Development Team

One of the most noteworthy aspects of Reynatis is its stellar development team. Headed by Kazushige Nojima, a renowned developer with an impressive portfolio including titles like Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2, Kingdom Hearts, and more, the game promises to deliver a compelling narrative. Accompanying Nojima is Yoko Shimomura, a veteran composer responsible for crafting iconic scores for games like Street Fighter 2, Super Mario RPG, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy 15. With such talented individuals at the helm, Reynatis is poised to offer a rich and engaging experience for players.

While Reynatis showcases a vibrant recreation of modern-day Shibuya, some concerns have been raised about the game’s current state. Observations of low-poly character models and potential frame rate issues in the trailer have sparked discussions about the game’s visual quality. Additionally, the storyline appears to be somewhat disjointed, focusing on wizard cops combating the city’s “rubrum” addiction and a mysterious portal in Tokyo’s Shibuya district that leads to a magical realm. The combat mechanics, as hinted in the trailer, feature fast-paced sword fighting, precise dodging, special abilities withAoE damage, and even gunplay, typical of a JRPG-style action-RPG. While the gameplay seems familiar, there is an intriguing depth that piques curiosity about how these elements will come together in the final product.

As an avid enthusiast of games set in Japan, the allure of Reynatis’s world is undeniable. The promise of an engaging narrative and gameplay experience, coupled with the involvement of industry veterans like Nojima and Shimomura, has generated excitement among fans. However, there are valid concerns about the game’s overall polish and coherence, especially considering the track record of the developers in recent years. With the release slated for later this year, eager players are eager to see how Reynatis will unfold and whether it will live up to the expectations set by its illustrious creators.


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