Spotify Slams Apple’s New Regulations as a “Complete and Total Farce”

Spotify, known for being one of Apple’s biggest critics, has recently expressed its strong disapproval of Apple’s new plan to comply with the European Union’s tech regulations. In a scathing post published on its website, the music streaming giant accuses Apple of implementing measures that amount to nothing more than a “complete and total farce.” This article will delve into Spotify’s criticisms of Apple’s new regulations and shed light on the potential impact they may have on developers and the industry as a whole.

One of the main grievances that Spotify voices in its post is against Apple’s new app installation fee, which the company describes as “extortion, plain and simple.” Under this new regulation, developers using third-party app stores would be required to pay a yearly fee of €0.50 for every app downloaded after surpassing 1 million downloads. Spotify argues that this fee unfairly burdens developers, particularly those offering free apps. What’s more, the company points out that even if a user downloads an app, never uses it, and forgets to delete it, the developer would still be liable to pay the fee.

Another bone of contention for Spotify is Apple’s decision to retain a 17 percent commission for developers who opt to use third-party payment processors. Spotify argues that this places an unfair burden on developers, forcing them to make a difficult choice between the existing system and Apple’s new program. By highlighting the financial implications of Apple’s regulations and the impact it may have on profitability, Spotify suggests that these rules are designed to deter developers from exploring alternatives to the App Store.

Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, has taken to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to express the dire situation the company finds itself in. With over 100 million European Apple users, Ek argues that the new tax on downloads and updates could lead to a tenfold increase in customer acquisition costs for Spotify, rendering it unprofitable. This grim scenario leaves the music streaming giant with no choice but to continue operating under the existing system.

Apple’s new regulations have ignited a wave of criticism from developers of all sizes. Many resent the steep fees that they will incur should they decide to venture outside the App Store or include alternative payment options. The European Union Commission promises to offer a response to Apple’s changes once the regulations officially take effect in March. This delay provides developers with ample time to scrutinize the new rules and voice their concerns.

Spotify’s scathing critique of Apple’s new regulations highlights the contentious nature of the changes. The music streaming company argues that the app installation fee and the retention of commissions on third-party payment processors both unfairly burden developers. In Spotify’s case, these regulations could significantly escalate customer acquisition costs, potentially derailing the company’s profitability. Apple’s new rules have prompted industry-wide criticism, and it remains to be seen how the European Union Commission will respond to these concerns. As the March deadline approaches, developers will have to carefully evaluate their options and navigate the evolving landscape of app distribution.


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