Stellar Blade: A Unique Korean Action RPG with Inspirations

The director of the highly anticipated action RPG, Stellar Blade, expresses his excitement and gratitude for the game being labeled as the “Korean Nier.” This sentiment is widely echoed by viewers in discussions about the game, and it stems from his deep admiration for Yoko Taro, the mastermind behind the Nier series. In an exclusive interview with GamesRadar+, game director Hyung-Tae Kim shared more insights into Stellar Blade’s influences and inspirations, emphasizing the significance of Nier but also clarifying the distinctions between the two games’ gameplay.

Kim reveals that Nier played a pivotal role in inspiring the development of Stellar Blade, describing it as a “wonderful title” that served as a wellspring of creativity for the team. He expresses his admiration for Yoko Taro’s scriptwriting prowess, further solidifying his connection to the Nier franchise. However, he wants players to understand that Stellar Blade is not a mere clone of Nier in terms of gameplay. While paying homage to the games that influenced them, the developers at Shift Up have carefully crafted a distinct experience that sets Stellar Blade apart from its inspirations.

Though Stellar Blade draws inspiration from various sources, including Nier, the director mentions other games that have contributed to its formation. In particular, titles such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Bayonetta have left a mark on the upcoming game. Kim explains that their team took the strongest elements from these games and seamlessly blended them with their unique vision for Stellar Blade. It is important to note that despite these influences, the game director makes it clear that Stellar Blade stands on its own and possesses its own identity.

One aspect that distinguishes Stellar Blade is its distinct visual style. The game manages to strike a balance between realism and a more stylized, deformed character design. As a Korean developer, Kim acknowledges the influence of the renowned Korean style seen in games like Black Desert Online. However, he also conveys the team’s constant endeavor to establish their own artistic identity within this framework, resulting in a visual presentation that captures the essence of Stellar Blade.

Being called the “Korean Nier” and being influenced by such a renowned title is an immense honor for the Stellar Blade team. The director expresses his gratitude for the recognition and the positive comparisons drawn between the two games. However, he also acknowledges that Stellar Blade brings its own unique gameplay elements and experiences for players to discover.

Stellar Blade is an action RPG that draws inspiration from various sources while maintaining its own distinct identity. Though influences from Nier, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Bayonetta are evident, the developers have carefully crafted a game that stands on its own merits. With a captivating visual style and a gameplay experience that sets it apart, Stellar Blade is poised to be an exciting adventure for fans of the genre and beyond.


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