Super Mario Bros. Wonder: The Redemption of Water Levels

Water levels in Mario games have always been the bane of players’ existence. The restricted movement, the unpredictable enemy patterns, and the overall sluggishness of underwater gameplay have often been the most dreaded parts of any Mario game. Mario game developers seemed to have a love-hate relationship with these stages, but finally, with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, they have managed to redeem themselves and turn the water levels into an enjoyable experience.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings forth a fresh take on the traditional Mario formula. The game introduces Wonder effects that provide constant surprises, allowing players to experience Mario gameplay in new and exciting ways. Additionally, the badge system adds an equipment element that can be customized to suit each player’s needs in every stage.

The developers of Mario Wonder had a solution in mind for the long-maligned water stages. They introduced the Dolphin Kick badge, which completely changes the way Mario and his friends swim. With this badge, Mario gains the agility and control of a mermaid or dolphin, allowing for quick, smooth, and multidirectional movement. Suddenly, the once cumbersome water stages become a joy to navigate.

The inclusion of the Dolphin Kick badge showcases the versatility of the badge system. While the badge may have limited use outside of water stages, its addition demonstrates the developers’ commitment to enhancing the overall gameplay experience. The badge system becomes a tool that empowers players to tackle stage challenges in their preferred style.

Players can still opt for the traditional underwater gameplay, but the Dolphin Kick badge opens up a whole new world of movement possibilities. By giving Mario better control in water stages, developers can create more elaborate enemy patterns, obstacles, and Wonder effects. The water levels transform into immersive and engaging experiences, rather than tedious and frustrating slogs.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder revolutionizes the water levels in a way no other Mario game has done before. While the water stages may not be the highlights of the game, they are no longer the annoying obstacle they once were. The fun and excitement of Mario platforming shine through in every level, including the underwater ones.

Nintendo’s dedication to improving water levels highlights their commitment to enhancing the overall gameplay experience. By acknowledging the shortcomings of previous games and introducing innovative gameplay mechanics, Super Mario Bros. Wonder sets a new standard for water stages in platforming games.

Gone are the days when water levels were the dreaded chapters of Mario games. Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings redemption to the water stages, offering players a fresh and enjoyable experience. With the Dolphin Kick badge, players can finally feel like nimble swimmers, effortlessly gliding through the underwater challenges.

Water levels are no longer forgettable filler stages but instead become an integral part of the game’s diverse and expertly designed platforming experience. Super Mario Bros. Wonder sets a new precedent for the potential of water levels in Mario games and shows that even the most disliked aspects can be transformed into something incredible.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder manages to turn the tables on water levels, proving that they can be enjoyable and exciting. With the introduction of the Dolphin Kick badge, players gain newfound control and agility underwater, making the once dreaded water stages a highlight of the game. Nintendo’s commitment to improving the gameplay experience is evident in their innovative approach to water levels, setting a new standard for future Mario games.


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