Survival Adventure Game To The Star: A Whimsical and Unique Experience

If you’ve been craving for a new and refreshing survival game, look no further. Developer has recently announced their latest creation, To The Star. This whimsical adventure takes heavy inspiration from the beloved story of Alice In Wonderland, offering players a unique and surreal experience. While most survival games focus on realism, To The Star sets itself apart by incorporating a cooking system that allows players to combine monster parts with suppressed emotions to create consumable food and weapons.

In To The Star, the cooking system is a key aspect of the gameplay. It enables players to create bizarre dishes using a wide variety of ingredients. From the mundane snail slime and snake meat to the intangible suppressed emotions and lost dreams, the possibilities are endless. These dishes can be consumed for sustenance or used as weapons to give enemies a taste of your feelings. Imagine hurling an exploding trauma cupcake at adversaries! It’s a far cry from the typical survival game where crafting mundane items becomes repetitive and monotonous.

To The Star encourages experimentation with different material combinations, allowing players to create and save their own unique recipes for dishes, concoctions, weapons, and gear. Of course, having the proper crafting equipment is essential to unlock this creative potential. This feature adds depth and personalization to the gameplay, empowering players to explore their creativity within the game world.

While many survival games focus on building expansive bases, To The Star takes a different approach. Players will have the opportunity to build their own “briefbase,” a portable portal to a private dimension where they can construct their own houses and secure their belongings. It’s an intriguing twist on base-building, offering a more portable and compact alternative while still providing a safe haven against potential invasions.

To The Star also offers co-op gameplay for up to four players, allowing friends to embark on this whimsical adventure together. Additionally, the game boasts comprehensive mod support, enabling the community to contribute their ideas and creations. values community feedback, emphasizing its importance in shaping the game’s development and ensuring a more engaging experience for players.’s previous game, Gord, received mixed reviews and criticism for its repetitive gameplay. However, with To The Star, the developer seems to have learned from past mistakes and aims to deliver a more compelling experience. By infusing elements of Alice In Wonderland and incorporating a unique cooking system, is pushing the boundaries of the survival adventure genre. While there is no release date yet, anticipation is building as players eagerly await the opportunity to explore this whimsical and mesmerizing world.

To The Star promises to breathe new life into the survival adventure genre. With its unconventional cooking system, experimentation and crafting mechanics, and the ability to build your own portable haven, this game offers a refreshing departure from the norm. Adding multiplayer and mod support further enhances the replayability and community engagement. Although’s previous game may not have lived up to expectations, the studio’s ambition and commitment to incorporating player feedback inspire hope for an improved and captivating gaming experience. Keep an eye out for To The Star and prepare to embark on a whimsical journey like no other.


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