Surviving Skyrim: Conquering the Legendary Difficulty with Permadeath

Skyrim, the beloved fantasy RPG developed by Bethesda, offers players a myriad of ways to engage with its immersive world. However, some players crave even more difficulty and limitations to truly test their skills. One audacious gamer, known as Inward_Perfection, recently embarked on a perilous journey to conquer Skyrim’s Legendary difficulty with self-imposed permadeath and numerous other grueling restrictions.

Inward_Perfection, after 150 grueling hours and the loss of four characters, emerged victorious. When asked about the most effective character build, the response was both surprising and expected: the stealth archer. The player confessed their initial reluctance towards stealth gameplay but acknowledged its reliability. “Be a stealth archer! Never fails, I just don’t like stealth in games in general,” Inward_Perfection revealed in an interview with Gamesradar’s Austin Wood.

Inward_Perfection also advised utilizing illusion spells such as Calm and Pacify, highlighting their effectiveness regardless of the difficulty setting. Additionally, they emphasized the importance of Lord and Atronach Stones for players tackling the Legendary difficulty. These stones provide crucial magic and elemental resistances, making encounters with dragons and mages much less formidable.

For PC players, Inward_Perfection suggested a mod called Violens, specifically disabling killcams directed at the player. This feature proves invaluable in evading unexpected deaths. However, they cautioned against enabling this mod for a more “pure” playthrough. Console players, unfortunately, may not have access to this mod, but Inward_Perfection advised investing heavily in Health and compensating for low Magicka/Stamina through enchantments. They also recommended relying on followers or summons early on, as they remain unaffected by the difficulty level.

Inward_Perfection’s playthrough was not just defined by their character build choices; they also imposed several additional restrictions. Fast travel was strictly prohibited, forcing them to navigate Skyrim’s sprawling landscape on foot. Permanent followers, except for one-off quest companions, were not allowed. Excessive crafting or skill grinding was also forbidden. These limitations, among others, created an incredibly arduous and authentic experience for the player.

For a comprehensive understanding of the ruleset adopted by Inward_Perfection, we encourage you to read our full interview with them. There, they outline each restriction and explain their reasoning behind the choices made, providing invaluable insight for those seeking to undertake a similar challenge.

Completing Skyrim’s Legendary difficulty with permadeath is a remarkable feat that few players have accomplished. Inward_Perfection’s journey serves as a testament to their exceptional skill and unyielding determination. While the stealth archer build and illusion spells proved instrumental, it was their adaptability and willingness to embrace limitations that truly set them apart.

If you are an ardent Skyrim player searching for the ultimate challenge, look no further. By heeding the advice of Inward_Perfection and their tested strategies, you too can conquer the Legendary difficulty with the added thrill of self-imposed permadeath. Embark on this perilous adventure, and may your name be immortalized alongside those who have accomplished this unfathomable feat.


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