Technical Issues Plague Steam Release of Lords of the Fallen

The highly anticipated fantasy Soulslike game, Lords of the Fallen, is off to a rocky start on Steam. Despite its strong sales performance, the user reviews are predominantly negative. The game currently sits at third place on the platform’s global top seller charts by revenue, but its technical issues have overshadowed its initial success.

With 1,320 reviews at the time of writing, Lords of the Fallen is grappling with a “Mostly Negative” consensus among players. Common complaints revolve around the game’s poor performance, including low frame rates, stuttering, and crash bugs. Amidst the sea of negativity, a few players have praised the game’s “buttery-smooth” performance, but they are a minority voice within the user reviews.

These technical problems align with the concerns expressed by our own reviewer, Ed, in his assessment of the game. Ed highlighted the overall poor performance and frequent frame drops, even on low settings. It’s worth mentioning that the review build was constantly being patched during his time with the game, suggesting ongoing efforts to address these issues.

Recognizing the urgency to address the concerns of their player base, developers Hexworks swiftly compiled a guide to help players navigate some of the game’s worst bugs. If you plan on delving into the realms of Axiom and Umbral, it would be wise to consult their guide. The first tip advises players to use the “auto-set” option under the graphics tab, while the second tip recommends updating graphics drivers to their latest version. Lastly, the third tip instructs players to navigate to a specific folder, delete a file, and verify the integrity of the cache. These troubleshooting steps aim to alleviate some of the technical woes that players have encountered.

For those still facing technical issues even after following the aforementioned tips, CI Games, the publisher of Lords of the Fallen, offers additional support. Players can send a diagnostics file and a GPU Debugging Log to the publisher’s support team via email. Including details such as the number of hours played and the steps leading to the encountered bug will help facilitate the troubleshooting process. A GPU debugging log can be obtained through Steam settings by entering the command “-gpucrashdebugging”. This log, found in a specific directory, can then be emailed to CI Games for further analysis. Additionally, in-game crash notifications provide a convenient method for players to report bugs directly to the Lords of the Fallen bug database.

Despite its technical challenges, Lords of the Fallen is generally well-regarded in terms of its gameplay and RPG experience. However, it falls short of achieving the same levels of acclaim as other fantasy games like Elden Ring. Ed’s review of the game acknowledges the moments of grand adventure in Lords of the Fallen, but ultimately recognizes the game’s limitations.

While the negative user reviews and technical issues are cause for concern, it is important to remember that patches and updates can address these problems over time. With responsive developers and an engaged player community, there is hope that Lords of the Fallen can overcome its initial setbacks and deliver the rich fantasy experience that fans have been eagerly anticipating.


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