The 4K Blu-ray Releases of James Cameron’s Films: Preorder Details and Special Features

James Cameron, the celebrated filmmaker behind some of the most iconic movies in history, has amassed an impressive $8 billion in worldwide box office revenue. As fans eagerly anticipate the 4K release of Titanic, which arrived in December, they can now look forward to three more Cameron classics making their debut in this format on March 12. Aliens, True Lies, and The Abyss are all being re-released with enhanced visual quality, and preorders are currently available. This article will explore the preorder details and highlight the special features packaged with these upcoming releases.

For fans of the sci-fi thriller Aliens, this 4K release is an exciting opportunity to own the movie in an entirely new format. Walmart is currently offering the three-disc set for just $25, a deal that should not be missed. This release includes not only the 4K Blu-ray but also the standard Blu-ray and a digital copy. Furthermore, the package is packed with enticing additional content, such as behind-the-scenes footage, post-production stills, and informative audio commentary from James Cameron himself. Although Amazon also offers a preorder option, it is priced higher at $40. However, history suggests that Amazon often matches Walmart’s pricing for Blu-ray releases, so it may be wise to keep an eye on their listing.

Another highly anticipated Cameron film receiving the 4K treatment is The Abyss. Like the other two releases, it includes both the 4K Blu-ray and standard Blu-ray discs, as well as a digital copy. Walmart offers a discounted preorder price for The Abyss, making it an attractive option for avid collectors. Besides the two film versions, the package features an exclusive conversation with James Cameron himself, giving fans a unique peek into his creative process. While Amazon is not currently discounting The Abyss, it is worth noting that they often match Walmart’s pricing closer to the release date.

True Lies’ Return

One of James Cameron’s most beloved action-packed films, True Lies, is also making its way to the 4K format. Scheduled for release on March 12, this edition includes the 4K Blu-ray, a standard Blu-ray, and a digital copy. True Lies enthusiasts will be thrilled to find bonus features like behind-the-scenes content, a closer look at the script, and exclusive artwork and marketing materials. As of now, Walmart is not offering a preorder discount for this film. Therefore, fans may want to compare prices with other retailers or wait until closer to the release date to make a purchase decision.

As James Cameron’s Aliens, True Lies, and The Abyss receive the 4K Blu-ray treatment, fans have an excellent opportunity to enhance their movie collections. With unique features, such as behind-the-scenes footage and valuable insights from the acclaimed director, these releases promise an immersive and captivating experience. Walmart is currently providing preorder discounts for Aliens and The Abyss, making it an attractive option for eager fans. While Amazon’s pricing may align with Walmart’s before the release date, it is advisable to reserve copies early before potential price increases. Get ready to immerse yourself in the brilliance of Cameron’s films once more, in stunning 4K quality.


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