The All-New eVentje: A Custom Camper for the Iconic ID Buzz

The eVentje, a custom camper build-out designed and sold by Ventje, is now available for sale in Europe. This camper conversion is specifically built for the Volkswagen ID Buzz, offering a clever and charming interior that complements the electric microbus perfectly. One of the key features of the eVentje is its adaptability, with an interior layout that can be transformed from a lounge to a bed to an outside furniture set in just a few minutes. The design incorporates over 100 magnets to keep wooden surfaces aligned and secure, ensuring a cohesive and functional living space.

Ventje has made several enhancements and upgrades to the kitchen area of the eVentje camper. The addition of a folding table and hidden stools creates an outside bar area, perfect for enjoying meals al fresco. The kitchen now features more adaptable prep surfaces and improved storage solutions, addressing the challenges of working in a small space. Additionally, Ventje has installed two induction cooktops, powered by a 2200W inverter and 2160Wh leisure battery that can be charged from the VW’s driving battery, a solar panel, or a shore-power outlet.

The eVentje camper includes a range of amenities to enhance comfort and convenience while on the road. With eight USB sockets, 12V car jack, wireless charging surfaces, and AC sockets, travelers can easily keep their devices powered and ready for use. The interior lighting options have been expanded to include dimmable LED light strips, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The pop-top tent now features a closable sunroof, allowing for natural light and ventilation while sleeping.

While the customizations made by Ventje enhance the overall camping experience, Volkswagen’s ID Buzz still struggles with poorly designed software. Despite this drawback, the driving experience remains exceptional, with no rattling even after the camper modifications have been installed. It is expected that VW will eventually enable a camping mode on the ID Buzz, allowing for more intuitive heating and cooling controls while parked. Additionally, a camping mode would make it easier to disable the interior motion alarm when locking the doors at night.

Price and Availability

The modified eVentje ID Buzz is priced starting at €95,000 (approximately $103,000) in Europe. While this may seem steep, the unique design and functionality of the eVentje camper justify the cost for enthusiasts. Customers placing an order today can expect delivery in nine months to select European countries. Ventje is also planning to expand to the UK and US markets in the future, giving more consumers access to this custom camper experience. Ultimately, Ventje has succeeded in delivering a worthy all-electric successor to the iconic Type 2 camper, filling a gap left by VW since teasing the ID Buzz in 2017.


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