The Battle of AR/VR Headsets: Meta Quest 3 vs Apple Vision Pro

In a recent revelation, Meta CEO and social media titan, Mark Zuckerberg, made a startling statement regarding his thoughts on Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3. Contrary to his initial expectations, Zuckerberg declared Quest 3 not only a better value but also a superior product overall. This unexpected confession has sparked a wave of curiosity and raised questions about the fundamental differences between these two augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets.

Zuckerberg showcased the capabilities of the Meta Quest 3 in an Instagram video, highlighting its “high-quality passthrough video” and seamless operation with multiple applications, including a web browser. Comparatively, he stated that the Vision Pro delivers a similar experience. However, the social media mogul stressed that Quest 3 offers enhanced ergonomics, specifically a weight reduction of 120g compared to the Vision Pro, resulting in heightened comfort during prolonged use. Notably, the absence of wires and the wider field of view further contribute to the overall comfort and immersive experience provided by the Quest 3.

Delving deeper into the details, Zuckerberg drew attention to the motion blur observed in Apple’s headset as users move around, while emphasizing Quest 3’s crisp display. Although the Vision Pro boasts higher resolution screens, Zuckerberg noted that Apple’s choice came with certain trade-offs. Additionally, he praised Quest 3’s hand tracking accuracy, albeit acknowledging the impressive eye tracking capabilities of Apple’s headset. Interestingly, Meta had initially incorporated eye tracking in Quest Pro but chose to remove it for Quest 3, with Zuckerberg hinting at its future reintroduction.

Amidst the technical comparisons, Zuckerberg shared his vision for the future of AR/VR technology, discussing the necessity of implants to fully optimize the user experience. He outlined the need for peripherals like keyboards, controllers, and potentially even neural interfaces. Although appreciating the intuitive interface of Apple’s Vision Pro, Zuckerberg made a crucial distinction between the two headsets: Apple’s closed system approach versus Meta’s commitment to an open platform, drawing parallels with the PC and Microsoft as an ideal open technology platform. However, one cannot overlook the irony of this comparison, as Microsoft itself faced scrutiny and antitrust proceedings for its monopolistic practices.

Throughout his statement, Zuckerberg’s observations came with a hint of irony and self-awareness. He playfully acknowledged the sensitivity among some Apple fanboys when their beloved brand is criticized, while inadvertently engaging in fervent support for his own product. His room-reading abilities continue to raise questions as he seemingly overlooked his own bias while proclaiming Quest 3 as the superior option.

Zuckerberg’s assertions aside, one undeniable factor is the astronomical price difference between the two headsets. Arguably, this automatically removes the devices from direct competition. With Quest 3 retailing at $499 and the Vision Pro priced at a staggering $3,499, consumers are faced with a substantial price gap that greatly impacts their purchasing decisions. Regardless of which headset one ultimately chooses, the fact remains that wearing either device in public inevitably raises eyebrows, leading to equally peculiar looks from onlookers.

The battle between Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro encompasses an array of contrasting features and philosophies. Mark Zuckerberg’s surprising endorsement of Quest 3 further intensifies the ongoing rivalry. Ultimately, consumers must carefully consider the price, comfort, display quality, and future potential when making their AR/VR headset selection. Whether they opt for Meta’s more affordable and ergonomically appealing Quest 3 or desire the technological grandeur of Apple’s Vision Pro, they can expect to make a statement while immersing themselves in the world of augmented and virtual reality.


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