The Best Video Game Soundtracks of 2023

The year 2023 has been an exceptional year for video game releases, with numerous titles offering outstanding gameplay experiences. However, it is equally important to acknowledge the role of music in enhancing these games. This year, video game soundtracks have shined brightly, capturing the essence of each game and leaving a lasting impact on players. In this article, we will explore some of the finest musical medleys on the Nintendo Switch from 2023. From classic 2D platformers to RPGs, and from heavy rock to orchestral masterpieces, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So, let’s dive into the world of video game music and discover the standout soundtracks of the year.

One cannot talk about video game soundtracks without mentioning the iconic Super Mario series. “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” brings back the charm and weirdness that fans have come to love about the 2D Mario games. The soundtrack perfectly captures the essence of Wonder, with each world having its own unique theme and selection of instruments. From the cheerful strumming of an acoustic guitar to the nostalgic “fun” that defined our childhood memories of playing Mario, this soundtrack is a testament to the brilliance of Nintendo’s music composition.

Recommended tracks: ‘Athletic Theme’, ‘Piranha Plants on Parade’, ‘Petal Isles’, ‘Shining Falls’

Inspired by Jet Set Radio, “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” features a fresh and funky soundtrack that resonates with players on a deeply rhythmic level. Collaborating with renowned composer Hideki Naganuma, independent musicians such as 2 Mello, GRRL, Knxwledge, and KiloWatts have contributed to this skating adventure game’s captivating music. The soundtrack effortlessly blends style and charisma, making it an essential addition to any summer playlist. Get ready to feel the groove while cruising through the streets of Cyberfunk City.

Recommended tracks: ‘I Wanna Kno’, ‘Condensed Milk’, ‘Feel The Funk (Computer Love)’, ‘GET ENUF’

“The Messenger” fans will not be surprised to find “Sea of Stars” on this list. Eric Brown, the genius behind the retro-style masterpiece, has once again crafted an extraordinary soundtrack. The music in Sea of Stars sets the tone for grand adventures, with its epic boss themes and catchy overworld melodies. The significance of music in this game is so profound that there is even an entire CD’s worth of cover songs performed by in-game pirate musicians. Yasunori Mitsuda’s contributions further elevate the soundtrack, solidifying Sea of Stars’ position as one of the best soundtracks of 2023.

Recommended tracks: ‘Trials in the Mist’, ‘Encounter Elite!’, ‘Serenade of Respite (Night)’, ‘Volcanic Pursit’

Austin Wintory, the maestro behind the mesmerizing score of “Journey,” brings his musical brilliance to “Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical.” This unique concept, combining a role-playing visual novel with a musical, works tremendously well. While the vocal tracks steal the spotlight, the instrumental songs beautifully complement the game’s narrative. From calm and serene compositions to powerful and heartfelt melodies, Wintory’s soundtrack unifies the elements of the game into a cohesive experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Recommended tracks: ‘Adrift’, ‘Pan’s Garden’, ‘Look into Me’, ‘I Can Teach You’

Carlos Viola’s extraordinary talent shines once again in the soundtrack of “Blasphemous 2.” With gorgeous flamenco-style guitars, sombre strings, and a range of additional instruments, Viola creates a captivating musical journey. Building on the success of the first game, the soundtrack of Blasphemous 2 explores new territories, incorporating more piano, organ, and electric guitar. Carlos Viola’s work deserves recognition for its ability to evoke deep emotions and enhance the captivating world of Blasphemous.

Recommended tracks: ‘Sobre Sus Costales’, ‘Corona de Siete Azahares’, ‘Clavada’, ‘Lamentos de Arena’

Cassette Beasts

“Cassette Beasts” is a game where the transformative power of music takes center stage. Joel Baylis, the mastermind behind the game’s music, fully embraces this concept to deliver a memorable soundtrack. Fusing British pop-punk with transformative battle themes, Baylis creates a unique and engaging musical experience. The fusion between instrumental and vocal versions of the battle songs adds depth to the gameplay, amplifying the emotional impact of pivotal moments. “Cassette Beasts” brings a nostalgic sound to the forefront, leaving players with a lasting sense of connection.

Recommended tracks: ‘Wherever We Are Now’, ‘New Wirral (Night)’, ‘Same Old Story’, ‘Like Chimeras’

Octopath Traveler II

Yasunori Nishiki’s exceptional talent shines brightly in the soundtrack of “Octopath Traveler II.” With a staggering 131 songs spread across six discs, the OST showcases the sheer breadth of musical variation. From jazz to rock opera to beautiful piano compositions, each track is a testament to Nishiki’s versatility and expertise. The composer skillfully weaves character motifs and ambient themes, creating a rich and immersive musical landscape that elevates the gaming experience to new heights.

Recommended tracks: ‘Critical Clash II’, ‘Partitio, the Merchant’, ‘Ku, Land of the Scarlet Sunset’, ‘Octopath Traveler II (Main Theme)’

“The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” utilizes the beloved music from “Breath of the Wild” while introducing new elements to enrich the audio experience. This was a strategic decision by the developers to address previous criticisms and offer a refreshing take on Hyrule’s musical landscape. The game seamlessly incorporates nostalgic dungeon and boss themes while also introducing new compositions that resonate with players. The melodic piano, atmospheric sounds of exploration, and captivating town themes create an enchanting audio journey for Zelda enthusiasts.

2023 has proven to be a remarkable year for video game soundtracks. The selected titles for this article showcase the diversity and creativity present in the gaming industry. From Mario’s charming melodies to the fusion of pop-punk and transformative battle themes in “Cassette Beasts,” each soundtrack has left an indelible mark on players. The musical prowess of composers like Yasunori Nishiki, Austin Wintory, and Carlos Viola continues to elevate the gaming experience to new heights. As we look forward to future releases, let us not forget the crucial role that music plays in shaping immersive worlds and unforgettable adventures.


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