The Challenges of Remaking Final Fantasy 8

The director of Final Fantasy 8, Yoshinori Kitase, has recently dashed the hopes of fans who were eagerly anticipating a remake of the beloved game. While the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy is currently in progress, Kitase mentioned that remaking Final Fantasy 8 would be an incredibly arduous task. The reason for this is simply because it requires an enormous amount of effort and resources. In an interview with IGN, Kitase expressed his desire to rework the game’s divisive Junction system if a remake were to happen.

The Junction system in Final Fantasy 8 is a unique and complex feature that allows players to assign upgrades to characters in order to access certain skills and abilities. It offers a level of customization that was innovative at the time, but also proved to be challenging for some players to grasp. Kitase acknowledged this difficulty and emphasized the need for any remake to address the system’s accessibility and balance. As someone who personally experienced the struggle of understanding the Junction system, I can appreciate Kitase’s perspective.

Despite the potential improvements that could be made with a remake, Kitase was honest about the feasibility of such a project. The production of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy has already been a lengthy and costly endeavor, making it understandable that Square Enix would hesitate to embark on another demanding remake. Recreating a lengthy RPG with modern visuals and gameplay is a massive undertaking that requires a significant investment of time and effort. Therefore, Kitase emphasized the need for careful consideration before taking on such a project.

Kitase’s comments also cast doubt on the possibility of remaking earlier 2D Final Fantasy games. He previously stated that remaking Final Fantasy 6 would take approximately two decades, even though the idea has been proposed by Square Enix staff. With the uncertainty surrounding the release date of the third part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy, it is clear that Square Enix has its hands full. Although some fans may feel disappointed that Final Fantasy 7 is the only game receiving a remake, there is an argument to be made for leaving the older games in their original form.

The enduring popularity of the older Final Fantasy games suggests that they still hold up remarkably well. The partial remakes of the SNES games, featuring chibi sprites and unattractive fonts, serve as cautionary examples. While the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an exemplary effort, there have been instances where remakes did not do justice to the originals. Perhaps it is best to appreciate the timeless classics for what they are and focus on creating new experiences within the franchise.

Despite concerns about remakes, there is no shortage of exciting projects in the works for both Square Enix and fans of the Final Fantasy series. The expansive line-up of minigames in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth alone is enough to keep players entertained for a significant amount of time. While Final Fantasy 8 may not be receiving a remake anytime soon, the passion for the franchise and the dedication of its developers ensure that there will be plenty of remarkable experiences to come.

The challenges associated with remaking Final Fantasy 8 are considerable. From the complex Junction system to the massive investment of time and resources, it is understandable why Square Enix would be cautious about taking on such a project. However, the enduring quality of the original game and the excitement surrounding future developments in the franchise provide plenty of reasons for fans to remain optimistic.


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