The Challenging Puzzle in Coffee World: A Deep Dive into Alan Wake 2’s Night Springs DLC

Alan Wake 2’s Night Springs DLC presents players with a unique and challenging puzzle set within the Coffee World amusement park. As Jesse Faden delves into the world of the coffee cult, she encounters a coffee that can reshape minds, leading her on a quest to uncover its secrets. While many of the puzzles in the game are straightforward, one particular puzzle in the North Star chapter stands out for its difficulty and complexity.

At the heart of this puzzle is the task of determining the optimal roasting temperature for the Dark Triangle coffee blend. Players must use logic and mathematical reasoning to crack the code and progress further into the coffee cult’s headquarters. The solution to this puzzle can be found within the Roasting Bar, where players are also required to input a three-digit code to unlock new areas and abilities.

To unravel the mystery behind the optimal roasting temperature, players must carefully analyze the posters displayed next to the coffee roaster. Each poster contains crucial hints and clues that, when pieced together, reveal the solution to the puzzle. The first poster emphasizes the concept of angles, hinting that the optimal temperature is above 180 degrees, in reference to the angles of a triangle.

The second poster provides more explicit instructions, stating that the first digit of the optimal temperature is half of the second digit, and the third digit is one less than the second. This clue narrows down the options, indicating that the first digit can only be 2, 3, or 4, and the second digit can only be 4, 6, or 8. The final poster clarifies that the optimal temperature is below 500 degrees, is a prime number, and suggests a set interrelation between the digits.

After careful consideration and deduction, the player arrives at the solution: 487. This three-digit number satisfies all the criteria laid out in the clues and unlocks the next stage of the puzzle. However, there is a quicker way to solve this conundrum that players often overlook – a simple arithmetic calculation based on the reference to Planet X-13 as 500 light years away from Earth.

The Night Springs DLC in Alan Wake 2 offers players a cerebral challenge in the form of the coffee roasting puzzle. By paying close attention to the clues provided and applying logical reasoning, players can successfully navigate through this intricate puzzle and uncover the secrets hidden within the coffee cult’s headquarters. The combination of mathematics and deductive reasoning makes this puzzle a standout moment in the game, testing players’ problem-solving skills and rewarding them with a sense of achievement upon its completion.


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