The Changing Landscape of the CPU Market in 2023

The global PC market experienced a dip in shipments throughout 2023, but there are signs of recovery in the industry. One area showing growth is the GPU market, with a 5.9% increase in shipments towards the end of the year. Moreover, Intel seems to be leading the charge in the desktop and notebook market, outpacing its competitors in the CPU sector. According to Canalys, a global technology market analyst firm, Intel shipped an impressive 50 million CPUs in the last quarter of 2023, holding a massive 78% market share with a 3% year on year growth. In comparison, AMD shipped eight million units with a 13% market share, while Apple reported six million units shipped. This significant lead showcases Intel’s dominance in the CPU market, despite the fierce competition from its rivals.

While desktop CPUs are crucial, the PC notebook sector has been at the forefront of the rising GPU and CPU segments. Gaming laptops may contribute to this growth, but overall laptop and notebook sales encompass nearly 69% of the global CPU market. Intel seems to have a stronghold in the x86 CPU segment, maintaining its grip on the market. However, leaks suggest that AMD might introduce new contenders in the desktop CPU market with its “Granite Ridge” Zen 5 architecture chips potentially launching between April and June. Additionally, the new “Strix Point” Zen 5 mobile chips are rumored to make an appearance later in the year. With Computex on the horizon and Intel’s upcoming keynote, there is anticipation around the release of new desktop CPUs to replace the current generation. The competition between Intel and AMD is heating up, with both companies striving to innovate and capture a larger market share.

Despite Intel’s current dominance, AMD has been gaining ground and narrowing the gap in market share. The competition between the two giants is fierce, with AMD rumored to release new chips to challenge Intel’s position. It remains to be seen whether a new generation of chips will sway the market dynamics or if Intel will continue to lead in the future. The changing landscape of the CPU market in 2023 reflects the ongoing battle for supremacy between Intel and AMD, with both companies vying for market share through innovation and technological advancements. As consumers and technology enthusiasts, we can expect exciting developments in the CPU market as companies push the boundaries of performance and efficiency to meet the demands of modern computing.


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