The CLX SET Gaming Desktop: A Closer Look

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 has been dominating the GPU market for quite some time now, holding the title of the world’s fastest GPU. With a list price of $1,599, it still commands a high price tag of around $2,000. One way to get your hands on this powerhouse is through the CLX SET Gaming Desktop, available on Newegg for $2,945. This desktop comes equipped with the RTX 4090 along with an Intel Core i7 13700KF CPU.

The Intel Core i7 13700KF may be considered an older chip, but it performs admirably. With eight Performance and eight Efficient cores, it delivers gaming performance that is on par with more expensive processors like the Core i9 14900K. The Nvidia RTX 4090 paired with the 13700KF ensures a smooth gaming experience with high frame rates and quick load times.

In addition to the powerful processor and GPU, the CLX SET Gaming Desktop also comes with 32GB of DDR5 memory, a 1TB NVMe drive, and a 4TB magnetic drive. While the 5TB of overall storage is decent for the price, having only 1TB of fast SSD storage may seem lacking in a $3K PC. However, the inclusion of both types of storage allows for a good balance between speed and capacity.

Aside from the essential components, the CLX SET Gaming Desktop also features water cooling for the CPU, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and includes a keyboard and mouse. The motherboard included may vary, but it will be a Z690 board, offering full access to overclocking capabilities for the unlocked Intel CPU. With a 1,000W power supply, the system can easily handle the power demands of the RTX 4090.

The CLX SET Gaming Desktop is housed in a full-tower case with a generous window, allowing you to showcase your high-end hardware. The system is accented by RGB lighting, creating a visually appealing setup that complements the powerful components inside. Overall, the design of the desktop is sleek and modern, catering to gamers who appreciate both performance and aesthetics.

The CLX SET Gaming Desktop offers a comprehensive package for gamers looking to experience top-tier performance without breaking the bank. With a focus on delivering powerful components, ample storage, and convenient features, this desktop is a solid choice for enthusiasts who want a high-end gaming experience.


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