The Controversial Rise of Palworld: Record-Breaking Sales and Design Allegations

In a surprising turn of events, Pocketpair’s highly anticipated RPG, Palworld, has taken the gaming world by storm. Within its first three days on sale, the game has managed to sell a staggering four million copies. This rapid ascent began with an impressive milestone of one million sales in just eight hours after launch, followed by two million sales at the 24-hour mark, and an unprecedented three million sales within 40 hours. It is clear that Palworld has captured the attention and support of gamers worldwide.

According to SteamDB charts, Palworld has already claimed its place as the fifth most popular game in terms of concurrent players. With an all-time peak of 1.292 million players on PC, it surpasses the records previously held by renowned titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, Hogwarts Legacy, and Baldur’s Gate 3. As of now, the game boasts an impressive 828,271 concurrent players, a remarkable feat that surpasses the popularity of any other game on Steam. Pocketpair can undoubtedly be proud of this extraordinary achievement.

However, with the mainstream attention Palworld has garnered, a somewhat controversial discussion has resurfaced. Many Pokemon fans have taken to social media platforms to express their concerns about the striking resemblance between certain character designs in Palworld and those from the Pokemon franchise. With the full release of the game, these concerns have only intensified, as players have pointed out even more similarities in the Palworld designs.

Barbie-Élite4, an avid player and observer, took to Twitter to highlight the resemblance between the Palworld character, Dumud, and Pokemon’s Sobble. They also pointed out the uncanny similarity between Grintale, a cat-like creature in Palworld, and Galarian Meowth from Pokemon. Furthermore, Barbie-Élite4 drew attention to Jolthog, which appears to closely resemble Shaymin, and a Pal named Wixen, which bears a striking resemblance to Braixen. The resemblance between these creatures raises questions about the originality of Palworld’s designs and the potential inspiration it drew from Pokemon.

Barbie-Élite4 is not alone in expressing these concerns. The Palworld Twitter page is now filled with debates and discussions surrounding the game’s design elements. Many gamers have speculated that Pocketpair might have employed the use of AI-assisted design processes, while others believe that the lack of originality is simply a result of developer inexperience.

Despite the controversy surrounding its design, Palworld’s popularity and sales continue to soar. It is undeniably a runaway success, capturing the hearts and minds of countless gamers around the world. As the game’s popularity grows by the hour, it remains to be seen how Pocketpair will address these design allegations and whether they will have any impact on the game’s future.

The meteoric rise of Palworld, accompanied by its record-breaking sales, is marred by allegations of unoriginal design choices. It is a testament to the power of the gaming community that such concerns have come to light and sparked debate. As the game progresses, only time will tell if Pocketpair can navigate these controversies and ensure the continued success of Palworld within the gaming industry.


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