The Controversy Surrounding Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s Moogle Redesign

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been out for five days now, and players are starting to question the new design of the beloved Moogles. Known for their adorable appearance in previous games, the Moogles in the remake have been given a makeover that many find unsettling. The small, floaty creatures now resemble koalas with rodent-like teeth, expressive eyes, and teddy bear-style bodies. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes this version of the Moogle so uncomfortable, but fans are divided on the new look.

Twitter Reactions

On Twitter, fans of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in both the US and Japan have expressed their opinions on the redesigned Moogle. Some have described it as “super creepy” and “cursed af.” A comparison to the Moogle design used in Final Fantasy 16 has left Japanese fans feeling like they’ve been deceived, with one user likening it to meeting someone in real life whose online profile picture does not match reality. The detailed facial expressions and rodent teeth of the new Moogle have left some fans feeling uneasy, with many expressing a preference for the Moogle design found in Kingdom Hearts.

Comparing Designs

The redesign of the Moogle in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has sparked a debate among fans, with some praising the new look for its uniqueness and others criticizing it for straying too far from the traditional design. While some find the detailed facial expressions and rodent teeth charming, others feel that it detracts from the overall appeal of the character. The comparison to the Moogle design in Kingdom Hearts has led many fans to express a preference for the older, more familiar look of the creature.

The redesign of the Moogle in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has caused a stir among fans of the series. The new look, while unique and detailed, has divided opinions on whether it captures the essence of the beloved character. Whether fans will come to accept the new design or continue to prefer the classic look remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the controversy surrounding the Moogle redesign is unlikely to die down anytime soon.


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