The Controversy Surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection

The launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection was marred by major server issues and an enormous file size that raised concerns among players. However, a new controversy has emerged regarding uncredited fan-made mod content included in the game. Modder iamashaymin took to Twitter to claim that their mod content for the PC version of the original Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was included in the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch versions of the collection without due credit.

Specifically, iamashaymin pointed out that their mod that brought the Xbox-exclusive character Asajj Ventress to the PC version as a re-skin of Aayla Secura was utilized in the PS5 version of the Classic Collection, resulting in noticeable differences in attacking animations. Despite the use of their mod content, the modder stated that they were not credited in any version of the Classic Collection. This lack of credit became a significant issue for iamashaymin, who expressed disappointment in the handling of their content by the developers.

Further adding to the controversy, iamashaymin shared footage of another Xbox-exclusive character, Kit Fisto, that they had modded into the PC version and allegedly appeared in the Nintendo Switch version without proper credit. The modder expressed feeling insulted by the situation, stating that the developers used their hero content from the mod without acknowledgement. The frustration was evident in iamashaymin’s social media posts, where they highlighted the similarities between their adaptation of Kit Fisto’s moves and the version in the Classic Collection.

Aspyr, the developer behind Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection, quickly patched out the mod files after the issue was brought to light. However, this action did not alleviate the frustration of iamashaymin, who expected proper crediting for their work. Aspyr had previously assured players that no uncredited content would be included in the final release of the game, but the inclusion of fan-made mod content contradicted this statement. The lack of credit from the developer raised concerns about the credibility of Aspyr in the eyes of the modding community.

The controversy surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection serves as a reminder of the importance of crediting modders for their work. Uncredited use of fan-made content not only hurts the creators but also damages the reputation of developers in the gaming community. Moving forward, it is essential for game developers to be transparent and respectful towards modders to maintain a positive relationship with the gaming community.


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