The Controversy Surrounding the Silent Hill 2 Remake Character Redesigns

In recent days, the horror community has been abuzz with discussions regarding the new character models in the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake. Fans have been quick to notice that the redesigned characters bear a striking resemblance to the original sketches created by Takayoshi Sato, the character designer for the original Silent Hill game. While some fans have expressed concerns about the changes, others have appreciated the attention to detail in referencing the source material.

Upon the release of the new Silent Hill 2 remake trailer and the announcement of its October 8 release date, fans immediately began to debate the new character designs, focusing particularly on Maria and Angela. Interestingly, some fans were surprised to learn that Angela is actually only 19 in the original game, as opposed to their previous assumptions based on the outdated graphics. Additionally, there has been some discussion about the toned-down sexiness of Maria’s redesign in the remake.

A closer look at the early sketches of Maria and Angela by Takayoshi Sato reveals a clear resemblance to the new character models in the remake. Fans on Reddit have been comparing the original sketches to Angela’s new design, noting the similarities in facial features. Similarly, horror streamer @Chemi_Ro shared side-by-side images of the original Maria sketches and the remake’s character model, highlighting the inspiration drawn from Sato’s initial designs.

Despite the mixed reactions from fans, it is evident that Bloober Team, the developer of the Silent Hill 2 remake, has not made changes to the characters’ appearances arbitrarily. The close resemblance between the new character models and the original sketches indicates a thorough study of the source material by the studio. This attention to detail demonstrates a commitment to honoring the legacy of the Silent Hill franchise.

While the controversy surrounding the character redesigns in the Silent Hill 2 remake continues to divide the fanbase, there is a silver lining in the form of the homage paid to Takayoshi Sato’s original sketches. The debate serves as a testament to the passion and dedication of the horror community in preserving the essence of beloved franchises. As the release date approaches, it will be interesting to see how the redesigned characters are received by both longtime fans and newcomers to the Silent Hill series.


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