The Delay of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Physical Release for Switch

Unfortunately, fans of the highly anticipated release Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes on the Nintendo Switch will have to exercise some patience. The physical copy of the game has been delayed in the “Americas & EMEA,” according to an official statement from 505 Games. This setback means that backers who were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to hold a physical copy of the game in their hands will have to wait until May 21, 2024.

To compensate for the delay in the physical release, all affected backers will be receiving digital copies of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes for the Nintendo Switch on the day of the original release. This move ensures that players can still embark on their adventure on time, even if they are unable to get their hands on a physical copy right away. 505 Games expressed their regret in having to make this announcement but emphasized the importance of ensuring that players can start their journey without further delays.

While the physical release of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes may be delayed in certain regions, fans still have the option to purchase the Japanese physical version of the game online. This version includes multi-language support, giving players the opportunity to enjoy the game in their preferred language. Despite the delay in the Americas & EMEA, players can still access the game through alternative means, thanks to online retailers offering the Japanese release.

Excitement Builds for the Switch eShop Release

Although the physical release may be delayed, fans can still look forward to the arrival of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes on the Switch eShop later this month on April 23, 2024. This digital release provides players with the opportunity to dive into the world of Eiyuden Chronicle and experience the game’s rich RPG gameplay without any further delays. As anticipation builds for the digital release, fans can rest assured that they will still be able to enjoy the game on their Nintendo Switch consoles.

While the delay of the physical release of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes may come as a disappointment to some fans, the offer of digital copies and the availability of the Japanese physical version provide alternative ways for players to access the game. With the Switch eShop release still on track for later this month, players can still look forward to immersing themselves in the captivating world of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.


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