The Delayed Release of Solium Infernum Remake: A Setback or a Blessing in Disguise?

In an unexpected turn of events, League of Geeks announced that the release date of the highly anticipated Solium Infernum remake would be delayed by a week. Originally scheduled for February 14th, the game will now make its debut on February 22nd. While this news may come as a disappointment to many eager fans, the studio assures us that the delay is necessary to ensure the game is as polished as possible before hitting the market.

Valentine’s Day, typically reserved for gestures of love and warm moments, would have provided an interesting twist for couples who enjoy unconventional activities. What could be more thrilling than spending a romantic night-in with your partner, attempting to overthrow them and seize control of hell in Satan’s absence? Alas, we must sadly relinquish this unique opportunity and settle for a regular Thursday in February.

Player Feedback and Reflections

It appears that the feedback from Solium Infernum’s recent multiplayer playtest weekend played a significant role in the decision to delay the release. With over 4000 players participating in more than 400 matches, the playtest brought several issues to the surface, demanding immediate attention from the development team. These observations were outlined in a Steam blog post by League of Geeks, highlighting three key areas: the tutorial, game stability, and performance.

One of the major takeaways from the playtest was the inadequacy of the tutorial. While it effectively conveyed the core mechanics of the game, it was prone to breaking, causing frustration among new players. League of Geeks expressed their disappointment, recognizing that bugs in the tutorial hindered players’ understanding of the game at its early stages. Rectifying this issue has become an essential priority for the team.

Apart from the tutorial, the playtest also shed light on the need for improved stability and performance. With ambitious goals in mind, the developers aim to eliminate any potential flaws that could affect the game’s stability. They also emphasize the significance of optimizing performance, assuring players that the final release will far surpass the pre-release versions. Spectacular performance awaits those who dive into the depths of Solium Infernum upon its launch.

Despite the setback, fortunate individuals had the opportunity to engage in asynchronous multiplayer matches ahead of the public playtest. Members of the RPS Treehouse, including myself, found great enjoyment in plotting and scheming against each other. The full game promises not only real-time multiplayer matches but also captivating single-player Chronicles episodes and a Skirmish mode. As the release date approaches, the RPS Treehouse eagerly anticipates sharing their thoughts and match reports with the community.

With Solium Infernum’s release on the horizon, speculation arises as to which member of the RPS Treehouse would claim victory in this devilish game. Who possesses the cunning and strategic prowess required to emerge triumphant? This question piques curiosity and ignites anticipation among both the team and the community. Furthermore, another point of interest lies in associating each member with one of the game’s powerful Arch Fiends, who among the RPS Treehouse represents them best?

The unfortunate delay in the release of Solium Infernum may be viewed as a setback, but upon closer examination, it reveals a dedication to delivering a polished and exceptional gaming experience. League of Geeks’ commitment to addressing player feedback and improving tutorial, stability, and performance ensures that the final product will exceed expectations. As we eagerly await its launch, the RPS Treehouse speculates on the outcome of our internal clash and the embodiment of each member in the realm of Arch Fiends.


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