The Destiny 2 Alone in the Dark Quest: A Guide to Finding and Healing Lost Ghosts

The Destiny 2 Alone in the Dark quest is a unique and rewarding task that requires players to assist Micah-10 in recovering and healing lost Ghosts in the Pale Heart. This quest offers players a chance to explore different areas within the Pale Heart and face various challenges along the way. Additionally, completing this quest can lead to valuable rewards for players to enjoy.

To begin the Alone in the Dark quest, players must first complete The Final Shape campaign and finish the Convalescence: Rootbound, Underbrush, and Greenery quests from Micah-10. Once these prerequisites are met, players can embark on the quest by following these main steps:

– Find the Ghost within the search area
– Open Overthrow chests in the location of the Lost Sector
– “Invert” the Cyst
– Complete a Cyst activity
– Return to the Arbor of Light in the Lost City Tower
– Claim rewards from Micah-10

Each step of the quest presents its own unique challenges and tasks for players to overcome. From locating lost Ghosts to navigating through Cysts and healing wounded spirits, the Alone in the Dark quest is both engaging and immersive for Destiny 2 players.

One of the standout features of the Alone in the Dark quest is its repeatability. Players can tackle this quest multiple times to earn more rewards and rescue additional Ghosts scattered throughout the Pale Heart. Each run of the quest may present players with different locations for lost Ghosts and varying Cyst requirements, adding a layer of unpredictability to the experience.

To unlock all the Cyst activity variants, players must complete the Alone in the Dark quest at least five times. By doing so, players can increase their Ghost reputation rank and obtain Pale Heart weapons for crafting. These weapons include the Bold Endings Hand Cannon, Axial Lacuna Fusion Rifle, and False Idols Sword, each offering unique abilities and benefits for players to utilize.

Throughout the Alone in the Dark quest, players will encounter lost Ghosts in various locations within the Pale Heart. From Forgotten Deep Lost Sectors to Blooming and Broken Deep Lost Sectors, players must explore these areas to find and heal the wandering spirits. Additionally, players will face Cyst challenges, which are mini challenges in secret areas that require players to navigate to the final boss, defeat it, and heal the Ghost to progress further in the quest.

The Destiny 2 Alone in the Dark quest offers players a thrilling and rewarding experience as they journey through the Pale Heart to find and heal lost Ghosts. With its engaging gameplay, challenging tasks, and valuable rewards, this quest is a must-try for Destiny 2 players looking for a new and exciting adventure in the game.


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