The Disappointing Launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection

The release of the much-awaited Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection has left fans feeling disappointed due to a rough start. Initially, players attempting to dive into the multiplayer modes were met with significant challenges, primarily due to the severe lack of available servers. Reports from PC players revealed that only three multiplayer servers were visible upon launch, with each server having a maximum capacity of 64 players, resulting in a total of just 192 available slots at any given time.

On the night of the launch, approximately 10,000 people were eager to play, further exacerbating the issue of the limited server availability. This situation made it nearly impossible for players to find open spots in multiplayer games. The frustration was palpable, as players expressed their disappointment and dissatisfaction with the situation. The high price tag of $35 for the collection added insult to injury, leading to widespread criticism and negative feedback from the fanbase.

Conflicting reports emerged regarding how the limited servers were allocated across the games in the collection. Some Steam reviews indicated that there were no servers available for Star Wars: Battlefront 1 initially. SteamDB player stats revealed that a significant number of PC players, over 9,000 in total, attempted to access the collection simultaneously, further highlighting the overwhelming demand and the insufficient server capacity. This resulted in a frustrating experience for players who struggled to join multiplayer games due to the lack of available space.

Fortunately, updates were made to increase the number of servers available, offering players more options to choose from. However, the initial server shortage had a significant impact on the overall player experience. The influx of negative reviews, with only 21% of 1,309 reviews being positive at the time of writing, reflected the disappointment and frustration felt by the community. Players reported issues with gameplay quality, such as high ping, stuttering, and concerns about the presence of cheaters in future matches.

The launch of the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection was marred by server shortages and technical difficulties, leading to a disappointing experience for eager fans. Despite efforts to improve server availability, the initial setbacks had a lasting effect on player satisfaction and contributed to a wave of negative feedback. Moving forward, it is essential for developers to address these issues promptly and ensure a smoother gaming experience for players.


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