The Downfall of LawBreakers: Analyzing Cliff Bleszinski’s Insights

Six years have passed since the demise of LawBreakers, and its director, Cliff ‘Cliffy B’ Bleszinski, has come forward to shed light on the reasons behind the game’s failure. Bleszinski points to the unfortunate timing of LawBreakers’ launch, as it came just a year after the massive success of Blizzard’s Overwatch. The presence of a well-established, popular game in the same genre undoubtedly posed a significant challenge for Boss Key Productions.

Bleszinski acknowledges that the gaming market was already “crowded” at the time of LawBreakers’ release. The oversaturation of the first-person shooter genre, combined with a lackluster marketing campaign, further exacerbated the challenges faced by the game. These factors likely contributed to the difficulty in capturing and retaining a substantial player base for LawBreakers.

Despite the efforts to differentiate LawBreakers from Overwatch by incorporating unique features and gameplay elements, the similarities between the two games were undeniable. Bleszinski’s attempt to “zig” while Blizzard “zagged” ultimately fell short in distinguishing LawBreakers as a distinct experience. The inclusion of heroes and abilities, inspired by popular MOBAs, may have inadvertently drawn unfavorable comparisons to Overwatch.

In hindsight, Bleszinski reflects on what he would have done differently in the development of LawBreakers. He expresses regret over the scale of the project, stating that he would have opted for a smaller, more streamlined approach. The decision to pursue a triple-A shooter with a large team proved to be a costly misstep, leading to the eventual downfall of Boss Key Productions.

Future Prospects and Uncertainty

While Bleszinski alludes to a possible revival of LawBreakers in 2023, it remains doubtful whether the game will see a resurgence. The uncertain fate of Boss Key Productions and Bleszinski’s potential return to game development hang in the balance, leaving fans and industry observers wondering about what the future holds for the acclaimed game designer.

Overall, the insights provided by Cliff Bleszinski offer a candid and introspective look at the challenges and missteps that contributed to LawBreakers’ downfall. As the gaming industry continues to evolve and shift, lessons learned from past experiences like LawBreakers serve as valuable reminders for developers seeking success in an increasingly competitive landscape.


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