The Evolution of Day of the Devs: A New Era for Indie Game Showcases

Over a decade ago, the inaugural Day of the Devs event took place in 2012, marking the beginning of a partnership between Double Fine and iam8bit. What started as a local indie game showcase in San Francisco has now evolved into an online platform for highlighting new and upcoming titles. In a significant development, Day of the Devs has recently transformed into a non-profit organization, enabling them to launch their first fundraising campaign and plan multiple events throughout the year.

Day of the Devs has officially achieved the status of a fully independent 501c3 non-profit organization. This transition comes with a range of benefits, including the ability to explore new fundraising methods and transparently communicate how donated funds are utilized. Moreover, emphasizing their commitment to inclusivity, the group ensures it remains completely platform-agnostic, accommodating all game developers. This milestone transformation has provided Day of the Devs with a new realm of opportunities.

In conjunction with their new non-profit status, Day of the Devs has launched its inaugural fundraising campaign using the platform FundraiseUP. Supporters now have the chance to contribute to the organization’s growth while also receiving unique rewards. These rewards range from game keys and exclusive tickets to merchandise. The funds collected will be allocated to cover various expenses such as event venues, staffing, equipment, video production, and general operational costs, enabling the team to continue delivering exceptional showcases.

The recent editions of Day of the Devs have coincided with prominent gaming events like the Keighlendar of Summer Games Fest and The Game Awards, solidifying its position as a crucial player within the industry. Looking ahead to 2024, Day of the Devs has already planned events alongside Summer Game Fest in June and The Game Awards in December. Additionally, in a nod to their origins, they will be hosting an in-person Day of the Devs event in San Francisco in March. The city will also witness a plethora of special events, including a GDC edition of the showcase during the renowned developers’ conference and a ticketed event at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Day of the Devs co-founder Tim Schafer, renowned for his work on games like Psychonauts, expressed his delight at the organization’s newfound independence. Schafer shared his satisfaction in witnessing Day of the Devs flourish and establish itself as an autonomous entity closely aligned with the incredible indie games it represents. The milestone achieved fuels their ambition to continue innovating and providing a platform for aspiring developers to showcase their talents.

The transformation of Day of the Devs into a non-profit organization is a game-changer for the indie game community. With the ability to fundraise using new methods, complete transparency in financial matters, and an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, Day of the Devs is primed for even greater success. Their upcoming showcases, coupled with the in-person San Francisco event, promise to be unforgettable experiences. As Day of the Devs embarks on this new chapter, the indie game world eagerly anticipates the platform’s continued contributions to the industry’s growth and recognition of talented developers.


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