The Evolution of Dipplin: Unleashing the Power of Hydrapple

The Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s second DLC, known as The Indigo Disk, has taken the gaming world by storm with its thrilling new content. One of the most exciting additions to the game is the introduction of a new evolution for Dipplin, which is the evolved form of Applin. This new evolution, called Hydrapple, promises to bring a whole new level of power and excitement to your Pokémon team.

To unlock the potential of Hydrapple, you must first obtain Dipplin. Unlike Applin, which cannot be caught in The Indigo Disk’s Terarium, you will need to catch Applin and evolve it into Dipplin in Kitakami, the area introduced in the first DLC. This process requires the use of a Syrupy Apple.

Once you have successfully obtained a Dipplin, it’s time to take the next steps towards evolving it into Hydrapple. The key to this evolution lies in teaching Dipplin a powerful move called Dragon Cheer and leveling it up. However, obtaining and teaching this move is not an easy task.

To obtain the move Dragon Cheer, you must defeat Drayton, the dragon-type user located in the Polar Biome. Before facing Drayton, you will need to complete his trial, which involves defeating three trainers using only Pokémon caught in the Terarium. This trial proves your skills and showcases your ability to strategize with the limited resources available.

After successfully completing the trial, you will engage in an intense battle against Drayton himself. Defeating him will grant you TM 226, Dragon Cheer. This valuable TM allows you to teach Dipplin the move required for its evolution.

To maximize the potential of your Pokémon team, it’s essential to craft additional copies of the Dragon Cheer TM. If you haven’t unlocked access to the elite four battles, fear not. Progress further in the main story, and Drayton will provide you with a Dragon Cheer TM.

However, should you require another TM, it can be crafted at the TM maker in the Central Plaza. The creation process entails gathering specific materials, including 1,500 League Points, 2 Tatsugiri Scales, 2 Lapras Teardrops, and 1 Applin Juice. Each of these items can be obtained by defeating the corresponding Pokémon in the wild.

With the Dragon Cheer move in hand, it’s time to take Dipplin to the next level. To evolve your Dipplin into the formidable Hydrapple, you must level it up once. This can be achieved through battles or by using EXP candy to expedite the process. Once your Dipplin reaches the required level, its true potential will be unlocked, and it will transform into the mighty Hydrapple.

The Indigo Disk DLC has breathed new life into the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games with the introduction of the Hydrapple evolution for Dipplin. By following the necessary steps and obtaining the Dragon Cheer move, players can unleash the full power and potential of their Pokémon team. Embark on this exciting journey, conquer challenges, and watch your Dipplin evolve into the awe-inspiring Hydrapple.


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