The Evolution of LEGO 2K Drive: Update 5 Review

LEGO 2K Drive has been pushing the boundaries since its release last year with continuous updates. The latest update, Update 5, brings a plethora of new content and features to the game. One of the key highlights of this update is the Stargaze Summit Expansion, where players can embark on thrilling adventures in the newly unveiled Stargaze Summit biome within Bricklandia. With seven new races, three exciting challenges, nine thrilling On-The-Go events, exclusive rewards, and more, this new expansion adds depth and excitement to the game.

In addition to the Stargaze Summit Expansion, Update 5 also introduces Special Flairs, which enhance gameplay with a range of new abilities usable in the open world and other modes with Custom Rules active. From an Extra Camera for alternative perspectives to a Flamethrower for fiery mayhem, players now have a variety of tools at their disposal to enhance their driving experience. The update also brings new gameplay elements such as the Collectable Detector, Collectable Magnet, Wreck-O-Power, and more, adding layers of strategy and excitement to gameplay.

Update 5 also includes new game modes such as Goal-Karts: Hockey, where players can engage in intense 3v3 competitive matches in a drivable ice rink. Strategize and craft the ultimate car for offensive or defensive puck maneuvers, or practice with a friend in 1v1 split-screen matches. Additionally, the Time Trial mode challenges players to test their skills against the clock, competing to achieve the shortest completion times in each race and dominating the global leaderboard. These new game modes offer a fresh and exciting challenge for players to enjoy.

Apart from the new content and features, Update 5 also brings a range of additional improvements to the game. Expanded Leaderboards now feature an extensive range of in-game activities to compete with racers globally, while the Enhanced Creators Hub allows creators to upload modified unlocked/purchased vehicles. The update also introduces Rival Rewards, Online Race Variety, and stability fixes for a smoother gaming experience. Various bug fixes have also been implemented to address issues such as infinite loading screens, functionality losses, and biome/level completion failures.

LEGO 2K Drive continues to evolve with each new update, offering players fresh content, exciting features, and improved gameplay experiences. Update 5 brings a wealth of new elements to the game, from the Stargaze Summit Expansion to new game modes, Special Flairs, and bug fixes. Whether you’re a long-time player or new to the game, this update promises to deliver an enhanced and engaging gaming experience. So, if you haven’t already played LEGO 2K Drive on the Switch, now is the perfect time to dive into the action and explore all that Update 5 has to offer.


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