The Evolution of Soulslikes: A New Era of Challenging RPGs

When it comes to replaying games, I am typically not one to indulge. However, there is a certain Soulslike game that has recently captivated my attention and left me with an insatiable desire to embark on its journey once again. Lies of P, in my opinion, is the finest Soulslike ever created. It not only encapsulates the essence of FromSoftware’s iconic action RPG style but, in some ways, surpasses its predecessors. This remarkable game has redefined the Soulslike sub-genre and has become one of the standout titles of 2023. Fortunately, it is not alone in its excellence, as this year delivered a plethora of outstanding Soulslike experiences.

Reflecting on how game developers have previously characterized Soulslikes, one cannot overlook the significance of uncompromising action, meaningful exploration, the freedom to make mistakes, a sense of isolation, precise combat mechanics, and constant risk. Lies of P incorporates all these elements flawlessly, but it possesses something intangible that is difficult to articulate. It emanates a unique vibe, an indescribable feeling that permeates the entire experience. The sight of your character on-screen, their weapon in hand, and the approaching enemy evokes a sense of connection. It is not only about your physical and narrative presence within the game world but also about the way you engage with it and your expectations from it. In essence, Lies of P captures the essence of Bloodborne, taking inspiration from its eccentric NPCs, versatile weapons, grotesque enemies, agile bosses, haunting musical score, and overwhelming supernatural atmosphere. Lies of P pays homage to its inspiration while crafting its own distinctive, twisted fairytale universe.

While Lies of P is undoubtedly exceptional, it falls short of perfection. FromSoftware remains the unrivaled master of the Souls genre, with their games standing in a league of their own. Nonetheless, post-launch updates have propelled Lies of P even closer to perfection. Its status as the pinnacle of Soulslikes remains unchallenged, but this year has witnessed a fascinating array of games that have captivated Souls enthusiasts like myself.

Lords of the Fallen, often regarded as a Dark Souls imitator, holds a peculiar place in my heart. Its undeniable flaws are counteracted by its undeniable appeal. The game’s Gothic aesthetic, rich with religious symbolism and macabre imagery, feels as if someone tried to reconstruct Dark Souls 2 from their memory after studying every metal album cover ever produced. Despite disappointing bosses, unremarkable weapons, shallow levels, and an imbalanced latter portion, Lords of the Fallen possesses an inherent coolness that keeps it compelling. Its impeccable parrying system, imaginative spells, intuitive stagger mechanics, and visually striking dual-world concept redeem its missteps. I wholeheartedly embrace its successes, even as I acknowledge its faults.

Remnant 2 achieves what its predecessor could not. Defined by the same janky charms as Lords of the Fallen, Remnant 2 represents a spectacular sequel and one of my favorite RPGs of the year. Its impeccable co-op experience, a traditionally weak point for Soulslikes, is a testament to its refined design. The subtle procedural level generation adds depth and replayability, and the final boss fight consistently delivers thrills. But perhaps the most satisfying element is the sawed-off shotgun, a weapon that has barely left my grasp since acquiring it in my initial playthrough.

The journey through Soulslikes is far from over, with enticing prospects on the horizon. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor reviews have piqued my interest, and although I am relatively neutral towards the Star Wars franchise, their action RPG approach appeals to me. Wukong: Black Myth, Kristala, Enotria: The Last Song, and Deathbound are among the upcoming titles that have captured my attention. The year 2023 promises to be a haven for Soulslike enthusiasts, filled with thrilling challenges and immersive worlds.

The Soulslike genre has evolved and flourished in recent years, providing players with an abundance of unforgettable experiences. Lies of P stands as a beacon of excellence, skillfully blending the familiar elements of previous FromSoftware titles with its own unique artistic expression. As a lover of Soulslikes, I eagerly await the upcoming releases that will surely push the boundaries of this beloved genre even further. The future is bright for those seeking challenging, immersive RPGs that test the limits of their skill and determination.


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