The Evolution of Star Wars Character Design in The Mandalorian

The Star Wars Universe has been growing rapidly ever since the launch of Disney+. With the introduction of Disney+ in 2019, numerous beloved Star Wars characters from animated series have made their way into live-action adaptations. Recently, characters from the Rebels series have been brought to life. However, even before that, The Mandalorian gave the opportunity for characters from the iconic Clone Wars animated television series to shine, particularly Bo-Katan Kryze, the Mandalorian ruler. In her live-action adaptation, actress Katee Sackhoff reprised her role, and the task of adapting her character’s distinctive art style from the animated series into live-action was no easy feat.

A Distinctive Look for Bo-Katan Kryze

During a behind-the-scenes featurette from The Mandalorian Season 2’s Blu-ray steelbook release, costume designer Shawna Trpcic revealed the collaborative process behind designing Bo-Katan’s look. Executive producer Dave Filoni had a specific vision in mind. He wanted her appearance to be feminine yet warrior-like. As Trpcic explained, “One thing that Dave conveyed was the very feminine but very warrior shape.” The inspiration for her iconic T-visor helmet design came from Filoni’s love for owls, influenced by his wife’s passion for these birds. In fact, Filoni sketched the initial helmet design on a napkin during a flight.

Bo-Katan’s character is action-oriented, requiring her suit to be functional and offer mobility for stunts. Trpcic shared that every aspect of the costume was carefully sculpted, prioritizing the safety of the actress during intense action sequences. The suit was made pliable to ensure that Katee Sackhoff wouldn’t get hurt while performing stunts. Sackhoff even took part in some of her own stunts, including sliding across the floor on her knees, which caused some wear and tear on the costume. Trpcic had high praise for Sackhoff, describing her as magnificent and noting that the suit held together like a real military costume would.

Fans of The Mandalorian can now own Seasons 1 and 2 on Blu-ray and 4K in collectible steelbooks, as they hit the shelves on December 12. These releases offer not only the opportunity to rewatch the beloved series but also include special features that provide a deeper look into the production and behind-the-scenes process. This allows fans to appreciate the immense effort put into bringing the Star Wars Universe to life onscreen.

The expansion of the Star Wars Universe through live-action adaptations has allowed beloved characters from animated series to be reimagined in new and exciting ways. The evolution of character design in The Mandalorian, particularly with Bo-Katan Kryze’s adaptation, showcases the attention to detail and creativity of the production team. The combination of Filoni’s artistic vision and Trpcic’s practical costume design resulted in a unique and visually stunning representation of the character. Fans can now enjoy both seasons of The Mandalorian and delve deeper into the making of the series through the special features included in the Blu-ray and 4K steelbook releases.


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