The Evolution of WorldBox: Simulating Family Trees and More

While many god games have fallen by the wayside, one game continues to capture the hearts of players around the world. WorldBox, a charming and toy-like early access god simulation game, is constantly evolving. In its upcoming update, WorldBox will introduce a new feature that is sure to delight players: family trees.

The latest announcement on Steam showcases how WorldBox will represent family trees. Players will have different ways to explore family histories and discover which relations are currently alive. Not only can genealogy be traced for humans, but also for animals. This adds a new layer of depth to the game and enhances the overall gameplay experience.

In addition to family trees, WorldBox’s next update will also include an “interesting units” tab. This feature will allow players to find particularly “cool characters” that may have been forgotten or come from extinct civilizations. It’s always exciting to stumble upon the last surviving member of a lost culture or kingdom. This addition adds an element of surprise and excitement to the game.

WorldBox’s new update will also introduce a Graphs tab, enabling players to review the life story of a specific character. These graphs will provide insights into various aspects of the character’s life, such as their involvement in wars, alliances, kingdoms, cities, cultures, families, clans, subspecies, and more. This feature will help players understand the intricate details of their created world and the individuals within it.

WorldBox is a unique game that allows players to generate their own world and populate it with people and resources. As players observe, fascinating social dynamics unfold. Societies form, engage in wars, and either rise to power or fall into oblivion. While the game doesn’t set any specific goals, players, as gods, can intervene and influence the course of events. This might involve providing certain resources to a territory to strengthen its armor and weapons or unleashing disasters like volcanoes, dragons, UFOs, or nuclear bombs on those who have incurred divine wrath.

WorldBox is not only a fantastic second-screen game that can be enjoyed while multitasking, but it also appeals to younger audiences. Children, in particular, seem to relish both the microcosmic aspects of managing a world and the sheer chaos that can be unleashed with the press of a button. It’s a game that allows players to check in periodically and marvel at the diverse histories of clans or simply confirm whether that peculiar island populated by monkeys remains uninhabited.

As someone who appreciates the thoughtful exploration of data, any update that expands the underlying simulation in WorldBox is a step in the right direction. Although the game’s in-game interactions may seem relatively shallow, the joy of poking around in the data is undeniable. And with the promise of more substantial interactions on the horizon, WorldBox is undoubtedly evolving towards a more immersive 1.0 release.

WorldBox’s upcoming update is eagerly anticipated by its dedicated fan base. The addition of family trees, the ability to discover “cool characters,” and the introduction of character history graphs will provide players with more avenues for creative exploration. WorldBox continues to amaze with its unique blend of simulation and sandbox gameplay, offering players an endless world of possibilities to shape and observe.


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