The Exciting Return of The Fiend in WWE 2K24

The highly anticipated release of WWE 2K24 will bring joy to fans of the late Bray Wyatt, as he will be featured as The Fiend in the game. 2K took to Twitter / X to reveal this exciting news, providing fans with a sneak peek into The Fiend’s entrance in the game. Complete with his eerie severed head lantern and classic entrance music, The Fiend’s inclusion in WWE 2K24 is a long-awaited treat for gamers.

It is important to note that The Fiend was notably absent from the previous installment, WWE 2K23. Although fans were able to play as Bray Wyatt in a different version, it was not quite the same as embodying The Fiend itself. As a separate entity from Wyatt, The Fiend has garnered immense popularity. Therefore, the inclusion of The Fiend in WWE 2K24 will surely be a relief for those who relied on user-created custom versions of the character in the past, lacking the authenticity and details found in an official 2K release.

The addition of The Fiend in WWE 2K24 also serves as a testament to the creative legacy left behind by Bray Wyatt, who tragically passed away in late 2023. The typical rosters in WWE 2K games consist of current WWE superstars and a few beloved legends. Including Wyatt, who continuously reinvented his wrestling persona throughout his career, showcases the impact he had on the industry. From his cinematic matches to his psychological approach, Wyatt pushed the boundaries of what wrestling could be, revealing new facets of his character and captivating fans.

Unsurprisingly, fans took to Twitter / X to express their excitement and appreciation for The Fiend’s confirmed inclusion in WWE 2K24. Grateful for 2K’s efforts in ensuring the character’s appearance, fans also shared their favorite moments from Bray Wyatt’s career. The Fiend’s return in WWE 2K24 not only gives players a chance to embody one of WWE’s most popular characters but also allows them to celebrate the legacy and impact of Bray Wyatt in a dynamic virtual environment.

With The Fiend’s striking entrance, complete with his infamous lantern and entrance music, WWE 2K24 promises an immersive and captivating gaming experience for players. The attention to detail in the character model and the incorporation of The Fiend’s unique attributes will undoubtedly enhance the overall gameplay, providing fans with a more authentic representation of the character they adore.

As the release date for WWE 2K24 draws nearer, the inclusion of The Fiend has undoubtedly heightened anticipation amongst wrestling enthusiasts. With a strong creative legacy left by Bray Wyatt, The Fiend’s presence in the game is not only a tribute to the late wrestler but also a thrilling addition to the roster. Fans eagerly await the opportunity to step into the dark and haunting world of The Fiend, unleashing this beloved character’s fury within the virtual realm.


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