The Fallout of Dragon’s Dogma 2 Microtransactions

Upon the release of Dragon’s Dogma 2 on PC and consoles, a wave of negative reviews flooded the Steam platform due to the unexpected introduction of microtransactions. This element was not present in the initial press build of the game, leading to confusion and frustration among players. The influx of over 11,000 reviews has left the game with a dismal “Mostly Negative” rating.

The microtransactions in question involve 21 DLC items available for Dragon’s Dogma 2, each with a price tag ranging from 89 pence to £4.45 in the UK. These items include essential in-game elements such as Wakestones for revival, Rift Crystals for pawn hiring, a Port Crystal for fast travel, and other convenience-enhancing tools like gaol keys and camping kits. Additionally, players have the option to purchase a character editor named Art Of Metamorphosis for £1.70.

In response to the uproar, Capcom issued a statement to address players’ concerns. They clarified that many of the DLC items can be acquired through in-game progression, reassuring fans that spending real money is not a necessity. While the communication regarding microtransactions was lacking prior to the game’s release, Capcom emphasized that essential items like Wakestones, Rift Crystals, and Port Crystals can be obtained without additional payments.

The backlash from players stems from the perception of being misled and potentially forced to spend more money on top of the game’s base price. Given the initial controversy surrounding the game’s pricing at £60/$70, the introduction of microtransactions added fuel to the fire. While some negative reviews focus solely on the existence of microtransactions without considering their impact on gameplay, others raise valid concerns about the game’s PC performance issues.

Aside from the microtransactions debacle, players have reported significant performance woes on the PC version of Dragon’s Dogma 2. Hardware editor James highlighted the demanding hardware requirements needed for smooth gameplay, with crashes and freezing being common issues. Capcom acknowledged these problems and reassured players that they are actively working on optimizing the game’s performance. The high CPU usage related to character interactions causing frame rate drops is a key concern being addressed by the development team.

The controversy surrounding Dragon’s Dogma 2’s microtransactions has highlighted the importance of transparent communication between developers and players. While the presence of optional DLC items is not inherently detrimental to the gameplay experience, the way in which they were introduced and perceived by the community has sparked a negative reaction. Moving forward, Capcom must address player feedback, improve performance issues, and ensure that future updates are met with a more positive reception from dedicated fans.


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