The Fallout of Reckless Acquisitions: New World Interactive Faces Layoffs

New World Interactive, the renowned developer behind the popular game Insurgency, finds itself amidst a period of uncertainty and downsizing. The latest victim of the Embracer Group’s reckless studio acquisitions, the Swedish conglomerate is now taking measures to reduce debts. This has resulted in significant layoffs, leaving many employees wondering about their future in the industry.

While the exact number of individuals affected remains unclear, New World Interactive’s parent company, Saber Interactive, confirmed that one unannounced project has been cancelled. In a statement released recently, Saber Interactive acknowledged the restructuring changes and expressed regret for the resulting layoffs at the studio. The statement also mentioned plans to relocate affected employees to open positions within Saber, accompanied by the provision of severance packages.

In spite of these setbacks, New World Interactive is determined to press forward with the development of their flagship military shooter, Insurgency: Sandstorm. Additionally, the studio has announced that they have several other unannounced games in the works. This serves as a glimmer of hope amidst the uncertainty currently plaguing the industry.

The layoffs at New World Interactive are just the latest in a string of unfortunate events caused by Embracer Group’s ill-advised studio acquisitions. Earlier this year, the conglomerate laid off over 900 employees in an attempt to mitigate the effects of a collapsing $2 billion investment deal. The acquisition spree, which saw Embracer Group take on more than 200 game development projects, resulted in severe financial strain, prompting restructuring measures across their studios.

Saber Interactive’s decision to downsize New World Interactive follows in the footsteps of Embracer Group’s other closures and layoffs. Studios such as Volition, the creators of Red Faction, and Beamdog, the team behind Mythforce, have also fallen victim to Embracer’s restructuring efforts. Furthermore, Chorus developer Fishlabs experienced a 50% reduction in workforce as a result of the company’s financial troubles. The ripple effect of these decisions has left industry professionals concerned about the stability and viability of their own careers.

New World Interactive’s journey started back in 2010, as a group of modders working on Valve’s Source Engine. Their breakthrough came with the release of Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, a Source conversion that quickly gained popularity. The success of this project led to the development of Insurgency, a standalone shooter that captured the attention of gamers worldwide. The studio’s most recent release, Insurgency: Sandstorm, reinforced their reputation for immersive experiences, particularly praised for its remarkable sound design.

As the fallout from Embracer Group’s reckless acquisitions continues, it is important to acknowledge the impact it has on developers such as New World Interactive. The layoffs and cancellations not only disrupt the lives of talented individuals but also raise concerns about the future of the industry. The gaming community can only hope that lessons will be learned, and the industry will become more mindful of the consequences of hasty studio acquisitions.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the recent layoffs at New World Interactive. We wish them the best of luck as they navigate these uncertain times and hope that they find new opportunities to showcase their talent and passion in the gaming industry.


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