The FC 24 RTTF Tracker: Assessing the Promo and Players

In the world of FIFA 24, the FC 24 RTTF (Road To The Final) promo is in full swing. This massive promotion focuses on the potential upgrades of players based on their team’s performance in European competitions. The promo not only includes male players but also female players, making it an inclusive event for all gamers.

As part of the FC 24 RTTF promo, several players have received fresh cards that reflect their outstanding performance. One standout player is Rafael Leao, the Milan winger, who has been awarded a 91 overall rating. However, this rating has the potential to rise to an impressive 95 if Milan manages to win the Europa League. Joining Leao in the spotlight are Gabriel Jesus, Darwin Nunez, and Leon Bailey, each with their own upgraded cards.

The FC 24 RTTF promo has had a significant impact on the FIFA 24 gameplay. With the introduction of these new, highly-rated cards, the FC 24 meta has become even more expensive. Gamers are now faced with the challenge of acquiring these upgraded cards to improve their squads. The promo also signals the end of the Team Of The Year (TOTY) items being available in packs, shifting the focus to the RTTF cards.

The first team released as part of the FC 24 RTTF promo was Team 1. This team featured four Champions League players: Joshua Kimmich (CDM, FC Bayern), Pedri (CM, Barcelona), Gabriel Jesus (ST, Arsenal), and Toni Kroos (CDM, Real Madrid). All four players started with an impressive overall rating of 90, and their cards have the potential to become even more powerful if their respective teams progress in the Champions League.

One notable team to benefit from the FC 24 RTTF promo is Danish champions Kobenhavn. After a successful year, Kobenhavn has scored two cards as part of the FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties promo. The team’s right-back, Kevin Diks, has now joined the party, adding to the excitement surrounding the team’s progress. This inclusion further enhances the diversity of players in the promo.

The Europa League lineup included some highly coveted cards, with Rafael Leao’s 91-rated card standing out. With a blistering pace rating of 96, Leao’s card has the potential to reach a staggering 99 if Milan continues to excel in the competition. Other notable additions to the lineup are Ansu Fati (LW, Brighton, 89) and Darwin Nunez (ST, Liverpool, 88).

One commendable aspect of the FC 24 RTTF promo is the inclusion of female players. Two ladies from the UWCL (UEFA Women’s Champions League) have received upgradable cards: Lindsey Horan (CM, Lyon, 89) and Elisa De Almeida (CB, Paris SG, 86). This move showcases EA Sports’ commitment to promoting gender equality in FIFA 24.

Every player’s card included in the FC 24 RTTF promo has the potential to receive up to four OVR (Overall) upgrades. These upgrades are earned based on various milestones achieved by the player’s team. A win or draw in the first round of the Round of 16 will grant a +1 OVR upgrade, while qualifying for the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final will also result in additional upgrades. Winning the final will not only provide a +1 OVR upgrade but also unlock new PlayStyles, 5-star Skill Moves, and 5-star Weak Foot.

For players to track the progress and upgrades of their favorite FC 24 RTTF cards, EA Sports has provided the FC 24 RTTF tracker. This tracker contains the current ratings of all the players involved in the promo, ensuring gamers can stay up to date with the latest developments. The tracker will be updated after each milestone victory or qualification, allowing players to monitor their card’s growth and potential.

The FC 24 RTTF promo has injected new excitement into FIFA 24, with upgraded cards and the inclusion of female players. It has also significantly impacted the in-game economy, making the FC 24 meta even more expensive. Gamers can look forward to the possibility of their favorite players receiving multiple upgrades based on their team’s performance in European competitions. The FC 24 RTTF tracker ensures that players can keep track of these upgrades and witness their cards’ progression throughout the season.


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