The Finals 1.7.0 Update: Advancing Player Progression

The recently released 1.7.0 update for The Finals brings about significant changes to the game’s progression system. These changes aim to expedite the advancement of players through battle pass levels, particularly for those interested in acquiring skins and cosmetics. With several adjustments that effectively double or even triple the amount of XP awarded for specific actions, The Finals is hoping to enhance the overall player experience. Let’s delve into the details of these changes and analyze their potential impact on the game.

The 1.7.0 update introduces various modifications to XP rewards, amplifying the opportunities for players to earn more progression points. For instance, opening a vault now grants 200 XP instead of the previous 100 XP, while stealing a cashout rewards players with 300 XP, up from 100 XP. These alterations not only make these actions more lucrative but also incentivize players to engage more actively in the game.

Furthermore, the amount of XP awarded for team placement in each round has been adjusted. Finishing in fourth place now grants 200 XP compared to the previous 100 XP, and the rewards increase incrementally for third, second, and first place finishes, reaching a maximum of 800 XP for the victorious team. These modifications encourage players to strive for better performance in matches and foster a sense of accomplishment as they climb the leaderboard.

Completing weekly contracts, an essential component of The Finals’ gameplay, is now more rewarding as well. The update increases the amount of XP granted for Weekly Contracts from 2000 to 4500, while also raising the XP for Weekly Goals from 4000 to 9000. Furthermore, the number of Weekly Contracts required to achieve the Weekly Goal has been reduced from 8 to 6. These adjustments aim to streamline progression and provide players with a clearer path to success.

Alongside the XP tweaks, the 1.7.0 update brings about the temporary removal of the “Dead Go Boom” game show event. This event, which caused bodies to explode shortly after death, has been disabled due to concerns about its impact on melee users. The developers intend to rework the event and reintroduce it in the future, emphasizing their commitment to refining gameplay mechanics based on player feedback.

While the 1.7.0 update demonstrates the developers’ dedication to The Finals’ long-term viability, it also raises concerns about the game’s sustainability. As a free-to-play multiplayer game, The Finals relies on regular player engagement and cosmetics purchases to support its ongoing server costs. The introduction of these progression enhancements may be seen as an attempt to ensure that the game remains enticing to players over an extended period.

Moreover, it is worth considering the player’s perspective. The Finals provided a highly satisfying gaming experience, prompting players to invest countless hours upon its release. However, there is an inherent beauty in being able to move on from a game once one’s enjoyment has been fulfilled. While this may be commendable from a player’s standpoint, it poses challenges for the game’s longevity.

The 1.7.0 update for The Finals introduces significant changes to player progression, primarily aimed at advancing players through the battle pass faster. The various XP tweaks and adjustments to weekly contracts create a more rewarding experience, while the temporary removal of the “Dead Go Boom” event showcases the developers’ commitment to gameplay refinement. However, the long-term sustainability of The Finals as a free-to-play game remains uncertain, highlighting the delicate balance between player satisfaction and the requirements of a successful multiplayer game. Ultimately, the 1.7.0 update serves as a testament to the developers’ dedication to providing an engaging experience for both existing and future players of The Finals.


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