The Finals Update 1.4.1: A Game-Changing Patch

The latest update for The Finals, version 1.4.1, has arrived, and it brings some significant changes to the game. While not a massive patch, it addresses issues related to aim assist and zoom snapping, especially for players using controllers. In this article, we will dive deep into the changes brought by the update and discuss their impact on gameplay.

Aiming is a crucial aspect of any shooter game, and The Finals acknowledges the need for providing support to players using controllers. The aim assist feature has long been a subject of debate, especially in the context of crossplay between console and PC. With aim assist, controller users had a balancing advantage against keyboard and mouse players.

To ensure a fair playing field, the developers have made significant adjustments to aim assist. One notable change is reducing camera magnetism from 50% to 35%, resulting in less sticky aim and lower controller accuracy. Additionally, the update introduces a cap on the zoom snapping angular velocity, preventing unintended rapid 90-degree turns. These refinements aim to make aim assist less potent and level the playing field for all players.

Removing Zoom Snapping

Zoom snapping has long been a feature of The Finals, primarily benefiting certain weapons such as the SR-84 Sniper Rifle, Revolver, LH1, and Shotguns. However, its unintended side effects needed addressing. Update 1.4.1 removes zoom snapping from these weapons, as it was found to provide an unintended buff to their performance compared to other weapons. The removal of zoom snapping aims to promote better weapon balance and create a more consistent gameplay experience for all players.

The developers have also taken this opportunity to address certain exploits and bugs that have plagued The Finals. One significant fix is the aim assist no longer targeting invisible players. Previously, players utilizing the light-class ability to turn invisible when stationary would still be vulnerable to aim assist when moving. This bug created an unfair advantage for other players, which has now been rectified.

Furthermore, the update disables aim assist for clients running key re-mapping programs on PC. These programs allowed players to use mouse and keyboard while tricking the game into recognizing their input as a controller, thereby gaining the benefits of both precise mouse control and aim assist. This change ensures a level playing field and eliminates any potential exploits that could give unfair advantages to players using third-party software.

The Finals update 1.4.1 brings forth some significant changes to address aim assist, zoom snapping, and various exploits in the game. By reducing the impact and effectiveness of aim assist, the developers aim to promote fair competition between controller users and keyboard/mouse players. Additionally, the removal of zoom snapping from specific weapons enhances overall weapon balance.

The patch also includes essential bug fixes, such as preventing aim assist from targeting invisible players and eliminating the advantage gained by using key re-mapping programs. These changes contribute to a more enjoyable and balanced gameplay experience for all players.

As a dedicated player with over forty hours invested in The Finals, I am thrilled to see these updates. The developers’ commitment to addressing player concerns and maintaining fairness in the game is commendable. I look forward to the continued success and evolution of The Finals.


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