The Freewrite Alpha: A New, Affordable Digital Typewriter

The Freewrite Alpha, the latest addition to Astrohaus’ Freewright lineup, is set to be shipped in mid-January. Priced at $349, this digital typewriter offers an affordable option for writers looking to minimize distractions and focus on their craft. In this article, we will explore the features and improvements of the Freewrite Alpha, including its new LCD screen, extended battery life, and enhanced typing experience.

Like its predecessors, the Freewrite Alpha is designed to eliminate distractions commonly found in modern devices. By removing web browsers and email functions, Astrohaus aims to create an environment where writers can fully immerse themselves in the writing process. With the Freewrite Alpha, users can maintain their focus, increase productivity, and unleash their creativity without the constant interruptions of the digital world.

One significant change in the Freewrite Alpha is the substitution of the E Ink display with a reflective monochromatic LCD screen. While this may be viewed as a cost-cutting measure, it does not compromise the overall quality or functionality of the device. By opting for an LCD screen, Astrohaus ensures that writers can enjoy an excellent writing experience without the burden of a higher price tag.

The Freewrite Alpha reintroduces mechanical switches, a feature that was absent in the previous model, the Traveler. With Kailh Choc V2 low-profile switches, the Alpha promises a satisfying typing experience. These slimmer switches offer a comfortable and responsive feel, allowing writers to effortlessly transfer their thoughts onto the screen.

Weighing less than its predecessor, the Freewrite Alpha is still heavier than the Traveler. However, the Alpha compensates for this by providing an impressive 100-hour battery life. With this extended battery capacity, writers can enjoy weeks of uninterrupted writing sessions without the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, the Alpha continues to support USB-C connectivity, making it convenient for users to transfer and backup their work seamlessly.

Astrohaus successfully raised $446,742 through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in 2022. Backers of the campaign were given the opportunity to secure their Freewrite Alpha at a discounted price. The company has since started fulfilling orders and has prioritized early supporters by offering them an $80 discount. This commitment to customer satisfaction and timely shipment supports Astrohaus’ reputation for delivering on their promises.

With the Freewrite Alpha, Astrohaus introduces an affordable digital typewriter that prioritizes the writing experience. Through the elimination of distractions, the integration of mechanical switches, and the inclusion of an extended battery life, the Alpha offers a compelling choice for writers seeking a device that aids their creativity. As the mid-January shipping date approaches, eager writers can look forward to receiving their Freewrite Alpha and embracing the simplicity and focus that this typewriter provides.


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